October 21,2020 – We have come for you

October 21,2020 – We have come for you

We have come for you

I woke this morning to hear the Grandmothers speaking. “We are calling you to power,” they said. “The need is great and the need is now. This is the time you were born for. Stand with us! Your world is suffering, the Earth Herself is suffering. Mankind and all living things are suffering. Enough!” they cried, and I sprang out of bed and went straight to the computer.
“These times have called us to you,” they explained, “and we are here to help, here to lead and direct you. We are here to move you out of the darkness you have lived in for far too long, and into the light. Come together with us and throw your shoulder to the wheel.’ All forms of the Divine are present now to support this work with your planet. Work alongside us. This is the moment.
“Read our books and practice living our message. You will find it easy to read our books because we speak to your heart. We are one with you,” the Grandmothers laughed and threw up their hands, “so of course we speak to your heart. For far too long you have suffered from a perceived sense of aloneness. You are not alone. You are all one,” they said, playing with the word, “and we are one with you. Sing our songs and come together however you can now,” they said. Your love IS your power,” they emphasized, “and the time to live that power is here.”
* * *
 note: The Grandmothers’ website, is LOADED with information, videos, interviews, songs, contacts with us and with Net of Light Beacons. The website is a rich source for you. Explore it. Contact us to find a Zoom group and group leader near you. Join our mailing list so we can let you know of up-coming events. We are all constrained by the limitations of this pandemic, but we at Net of Light are still hard at work. And, when the Grandmothers say to you, “The time is now!” they mean this NOW. We will gladly welcome you to this work, so go to contact us. We too are here for you.
* * * 
The Grandmothers continue: “Work with the radiant Net of Light each day. Do this for yourself and do it for everything that lives. This meditation, this ‘work’ you do with the Net of Light, strengthens it so it can do its job of holding the earth steady, during these most unsteady times. You have an important part to play in this great drama that is unfolding on earth. Do not miss this opportunity! Play your part.
“Stand with us and anchor the Net of Light wherever you are. Hold steady. This is our time to be together. Work with us. We have come for you!”





In response to the particular difficulties of life in the USA these days — wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, the worsening pandemic, racial injustices, protests and ongoing political division — a call was sent out from the Net of Light Council to Regional Coordinators and Beacons around the world that the USA needed some Love in Action. There were 50 responses from Beacons around the world eager to participate – from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. While tuning in to this meditation, one Beacon, moved to tears, described the “brightest light … I saw the light/love from the Net trickle down to every heart of every being in the US as the Net was being filled and strengthened by everyone in the Circle.“
The gift of this Celestial Circle of Light above the USA, strengthened and constantly replenished, is being felt in the USA. Women comment about feeling love, the pleasure of receiving, a deep peace, and sense that ‘all is well.’ Some were deeply moved to feel the solidarity of their sisters “at their backs.” Many more wrote about the depth of their gratitude. One described feeling “humbled and honored by your outpouring of love for us and holding us in the Net of Light during this time. We have hope and a knowing that all will be well soon…”
And so, Global Net of Light Family, your sisters and brothers in the United States are so grateful for your gift of Love in Action in our time of need. We stand together as ONE, and bow to all.


This short but powerful meditation on ‘claiming and holding sacred space,’ is newly excerpted from the Online Teachings. It is only about 5 minutes long, but helps us all anchor and to be able to hold steady in this work.
This is a downloadable audio file, which we hope you will find useful: Claiming and Holding Sacred Space meditation