June 25, 2020, The Expanding Reach of the Net of Light

June 25, 2020, The Expanding Reach of the Net of Light
The Expanding Reach of
the Net of Light

Change is coming on FAST, as the Grandmothers assured us it would! 
Meetings are becoming “virtual,” Gatherings have been cancelled through year’s end, and Online Teachings are moving forward. Though physically isolated, we are still able to weave our light with other Grandmothers throughout the world.
Now more than ever we encourage everyone to go to the netoflight.org website to discover the gold!  You can sing the songs, hear the meditations, or listen to Sharon. (You may think you have learned by attending meetings and reading the books, but these videos offer a new point of entry for the Grandmothers’ messages.) 
Under the Media tab there are chats with Sharon.  They are typically short (around five minutes) and cover topics such as:
What is the Net of Light
Who are the Grandmothers?                    
Can anyone do this work?
Can men join the Net of Light?
Also, there are the three Tree Interviews  Sharon gave in January when the Tree work began in earnest.
The Online Teachings are also available in video.  These bi-weekly teachings are evolving.  We are trying to be as responsive to interest and the guidance of the Grandmothers in this rapidly changing situation.
Finally, in January Sharon recorded many new topical videos that will be introduced in the months to come.  Here’s the first to be released of that bunch,  The Grandmothers Work is Simple.
Sharon McErlane - The Grandmothers work is simple
The Grandmothers clearly are interested in reaching more people!  We now have a volunteer translation team working in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Lithuanian.  Many of the videos and Sharon’s Tree Interviews and the Online Teachings have translated subtitles. (The subtitles can be accessed by hitting the “CC” button on the lower right corner of the video.)
The Net of Light Website itself has both a Spanish and German version.   
Facebook language groups are available in Dutch, Italian, FrenchSpanish and Lithuanian (click language to go to Facebook page).
Newsletters are also available in DutchFrenchGerman and Spanish. (click language to sign-up).
There are also Facebook pages representing individual geographic areas, as well as Online Grandmothers meetings.  
Please contact your local Beacon by email for information about the above. In addition, some Beacons hosting Online meetings are listed on the website.  Both the Beacon email and Online meetings can be found on the Website under the Meetings Tab.  
Finally, we are happy to announce that a new German translation of the first book, A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak, has just been released last month (click HERE to order).