July 20, 2020, The Grandmothers Thank You

July 20, 2020,  The Grandmothers Thank You
Each Loving Act Reverberates
Through the Cosmos

“Thank you for your steady heart,” the Grandmothers said. “Thank you for casting the Net of Light for others and for giving love the place of honor in your life.  Thank you for being the lighted beacon that you are, for being a way-shower, a clean, well-lighted place in the world today.  You are doing more good here on earth than you will ever know. We are of so proud of you,” they said, and as they spoke, they wiped tears from their eyes.
“When we watch you in action,” they said,“when we see your kindness and selflessness with one another and observe you caring, sharing and praying for others, it brings tears to our eyes.  At this time, so many people are living in fear, so many of them have collapsed into hopelessness, and yet you are loving on.  With this love, you are upholding millions.  Millions!” they declared.
“Each time you choose to say ‘yes’ to life, to say ‘yes’ to whatever life gives you, you strengthen the Fabric of Being of the Universe.  You magnify the power of the Net of Light to hold the earth steady at this time.   You have no idea of how enormous the effect of these (to you) seemingly small acts of kindness are.  Each loving act reverberates throughout the cosmos.
“This is what is needed now,” the Grandmothers said. “This is the salve for the wounds of despair, hatred and grief  that are festering in your world today.  This is the medicine that’s needed.  Loving kindness.
“Keep on choosing love,” they said, their eyes lit with happiness.  “Keep on saying ‘yes’ to giving and serving.  Don’t forget for a moment that you are our hands, heads and hearts here on earth.  We count on you to be our love in action.” 
Message from 
the Great Council of the Grandmothers 
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Special requests for support in Casting the Net of Light for causes or special health requests can be sent to our dedicated Net of Light Weavers team.  They stand ready to hold and Cast the Net of Light, and do so with willing and grateful hearts.  
To reach them, email:  netoflightweavers@gmail.com
Fan Mail from a Man
A thank you note to all the Women who engage 
alongside the Grandmothers.
~ James St. Clair 
It is significantly comforting as a man in this changing world to know that each of you are actively involved.  I, and those men like me, are enlivened by your presence and I wish to thank you for the gift.  The support I personally experience from your participation in the Net of Light is immense and shielding and it allows me a certain heart space to continue to grow.  I cannot overstate this enough.
To me, restless male energy cannot stand on its own without the grounding support and wisdom of the Divine Feminine.  Male energy is wearing itself out now, shadow boxing for naught.  It desperately craves the very thing all of you dear Women are gifting back into being.  In my mind this is what you re-present, a beauty of balance beyond the current world conditions.
Girls mature faster than boys, our world bears witness.  In my mind the Divine Feminine actively holds Her life-giving presence now as a gift for the collective male soul to grow from, if only he will learn to openly receive it rather than attempt to steal or possess it.  >From my perspective the Divine Feminine Presence is the single one-thing that all male energy bitterly fights for, yet cannot accept unconditionally.  The gift is real, Womankind presents it, and man believes he must steal it away as a possession.  The mass of male energy assumes the act of acceptance means taking.  Acceptance of course is Feminine in nature, open and allowing. The entirety of man-kind will never get what he wants if he continues to focus on taking, rather than accepting with open arms, as you all show through your Net of Light work with the Grandmothers.
So thank you in the most heartfelt of manners. Your effortless-effort does not go unnoticed, nor is it unappreciated.  You are beyond earthly measure by simply being your own true nature, and I thank you for your perseverance in more ways than I can appropriately express.  There is a never ending presence of Light and Love … and thank you for being within it all.  I rest and receive the Light, and I am a better man for it.
“You can understand all of Buddhism, but you cannot go beyond your abilities and your intelligence unless you have robai-shin, grandmother mind, the mind of great compassion.”
~ Ethei Dogen (1200-1253), 
founder of the Soto School of Zen Buddhism