February 28, 2020 Part One Tree Interview & Newsletter


Part One Tree Interview

“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”  ~ Rainer Marie Rilke
Sharon McErlane a message from the Trees
Sharon McErlane a message from the Trees


Letters from around the World
Tree Whisperer: Ellen Davidson 
author of: Wild Path to the Sacred Heart
“It just feels so amazing to watch what originally felt to me like an odd and unexplainable personal experience become a forerunner of a worldwide movement to reconnect to the trees! 
“One thing people may wish to play with is to feel into which trees ‘Call’ them.  It won’t always be the biggest, oldest, most impressive tree.  Sometimes the Call will come in a dream or from a tree that is far away.  Plant scientist Monica Gagliano was called in a dream from Australia to a tree in South America!  For me it was the old redwood behind my house, again in a series of dreams. 
“Some trees will work with people as Protector Trees, others will ask for our support, some will connect us to nature or cosmic intelligence. They seem to me to have very distinct and individual personalities, just as we do!  Some trees can’t wait to work with humans, others really don’t want to.  The whole thing is fascinating and an ongoing mysterious journey.
“I feel great relief that you at Net of Light are coming in with knowledge and skill working with the Net.  For a long time I have felt the trees requesting help with their worldwide interconnectivity and communication system, both from the roots and also from the upper atmospheric realms.  I think the Grandmothers have been guiding us towards this for a long time, but only recently has enough information about trees reached the public consciousness to open many people to do this work.  I’m so grateful.”
Art: Nele Diel
A Healing Family in the Netherlands
Yesterday I walked in a beautiful, wet and cold forest with our two children.  We were already on our way back when I remembered connecting with the trees.
I said to our youngest son, who is eight years by now, ‘you know that trees are wise and connected to each other, above and underneath the ground?  And that you can ask them what they need and what they want you to know?’
I saw a maritime pine then who caught my eye and told my son I just wanted to talk to her.  He walked up to her with me, we put our hands on her trunk and stood still.  I felt an energy rising up from the ground in her, healthy, but she felt restricted in her way of connecting to other trees beside her.
What I could do for her was reawaken her network of mycelium connection with the nearby trees.  What she needed me to know was that we humans are sawing off too many branches of trees, but also in our own lives.  Cutting ourselves away from a wide variety of solutions we have for dealing with issues in our lives.  We focus too much on growth, instead of exploring new ranges of suitable solutions.  And of course that was an answer to a question I had walked into the forest with.
Then I asked my son what he felt.  His answer surprised me, so normal this contact was for him … he felt the tree asked for connection with that other tree there and with that tree there.  One looked sick, the bark peeled off on many places and that was the tree who needed to be connected.
He walked to that hurt tree and put his hands on her.  ‘Ohhh she feels cold’ he said, and explained further ‘her energy under the ground only comes till here’ just taking one step away from the hurt tree. ‘That’s why they can’t connect.  Their lines don’t meet’. And there he walked from the hurt tree back to maritime pine.  Back and forth.
‘Doing this brings their connection more nearby’ he said meanwhile walking in between the trees.  While he was doing that I felt that the mycelium network going deeper and remembered the impact they have by being together.
He just helped remind the trees of their healing connection.
‘So’ he said after going back and forth a couple of times, ‘they are back together’.  I smiled at him full hearted.  Then I touched the sick tree and wahhh!! she felt warm!  I couldn’t believe it.  Felt it again.  My son too.  And yes she was.
The tree felt warm again.
And so did we.
Love Saskia


Call to Lightworkers

 to Strengthen the Net of Light Holding the Earth

“We need a place where humanity and the Spirits of Nature can meet and you must be that ‘place.’ ” 
“It’s time to get to know the spirits of nature, to connect with the elemental kingdom of life.  We are calling you to this work now,” the Grandmothers said.  “To save your planet from destruction and return it to balance, this link between humanity and the natural world must be made. And you,” they said, “are here to do it!”
“Each Net of Light Gathering this year will focus on work with nature.  We will begin with the trees — reactivating the template for communication that existed in the old growth forests.  The trees’ network of communication is needed once again.”

The Grand Mothers say, “Only those we call to this work will respond.” 

So if the Grandmothers are calling you, come.   
We will gather together to amplify the power and reach of the Net of Light.  Our purpose is Selfless Service to all life, to the planet itself, to the nature spirits and to the spirits of the Ancestors.  Please join us.  
2020 Net of Light Gatherings
  • Joshua Tree, California,  April 16-19
  • Villa Maria, Western Pennsylvania,  October 30-November 1
  • Ghost Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico,  October 30-November 1