February 15, 2020 The life force in the trees will harmonize with your own life force

February 15, 2020 The life force in the trees will harmonize with your own life force
“The life force in the trees will harmonize with your own life force”
Many people all over the earth have contacted us about how they are now working with the trees.  It’s clear that January 25 was a busy day around the world.  In Latvia people sang to the trees, in Lithuania they wrapped and empowered them, and in India, Brazil, Hawaii and all over the earth people gathered to connect the trees to the Net of Light.  We at Net of Light are impressed by the dedication of these people, their creativity in connecting with the trees, the loving reach of this family of light.  And as we heard from all of them, it made me wonder, “What’s next, Grandmothers?  What shall we do next?”  So, I asked them.
“Tune in to us at all times,” they responded.  “You must go higher now,” they said, “farther than you have imagined.  Now is the time for that and we will guide you.  You have been moving at a slow, steady pace for a while,” they said and gave me a meaningful look.  “Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, “I’ve felt that slow pace and sometimes it’s felt so slow that I’ve wondered if it was movement at all.”  “We know, we know,” they laughed, “but now the climbing as well as the learning will be steeper.”  
“Okay, Grandmothers,” I said, “Please teach us.”  And, as I waited with anticipation, they said, “Some of the new women who are coming to work with us now will be important to what you will do next.  With their open hearts and minds, they are not afraid.  And they will be followed by others too who are also unafraid.  People who WANT to soar,” they smiled, “people who want to fly free.”  “Yes, Grandmothers,” I replied.
“But what,” I repeated, “is the next step?”  “You are bonding now with the trees,” they answered, “you are reuniting with the tree family.  Continue to do that.  Continue to spend time with the trees, listening and receiving from them as you in turn, honor them.”  “Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, “we will.” 
“The life force in the trees will harmonize with your own life force,” they said, “and, when that happens, you will see things differently.  You will understand more and understand in a different way than you have before. Let the trees teach you,” they nodded.  “Call on them and let them know you’re an eager learner, tell them how much you want to learn.”  “I will, Grandmothers,” I said.
“Each day open to a tree,” they said.  “Go up to it and touch it, love it and call the Net of Light to link with it.  Then, after a few minutes ask it, ‘What can I do for you?’”  And then, ‘What do you want me to know?’  Make this contact with a tree a habit, a new way of living,” they said.  “This communion with a tree will open up a world for you; it will dissolve your human arrogance and awaken you to the wellspring of connection with all trees.  Take this task on,” the Grandmothers said, “and fulfill it faithfully. Begin, and you will soon see the difference in your life.”
“Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, and then I realized that they wanted me to start this process now.  So, I got up, went outside and wrapped my arms around a smooth-barked tree in the front garden.  The afternoon sun was beating down on the tree as well as on my back, and, as I felt its heat, I became aware that sharing the sun with a tree like this was a certain kind of good I hadn’t experienced before.  The tree and I were feeling the same thing.
The ficus tree was magnifying the sun’s power for me while I magnified it for the tree.  I stayed with my arms twined around its limbs for a long while, feeling the peace of our bond.  There we were, together in the warmth of the sun, magnifying the blessing of nature for one another.  And, although I didn’t realize it until much later, our shared embrace had created a mergence and this was the answer to the questions I’d asked the tree. 
‘What can I do for you?’ and ‘What do you want me to know?’ had been answered in the most personal way. As we embraced, we merged our energy, the tree and I, and together we became part of the flow of nature. And become part of the flow of nature is what we are to do next. I’ll be spending a lot of time with the trees.
To learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org 
Working with Trees around the World
Letter from the U.S. Heartland
I am so happy to receive this communication from you and the Grandmothers, and from Carole in Australia. It makes me smile and my heart sing! For months I have been casting the Net of Light to all plant, animal, and mineral life, to our waters and our air, to all peoples and to all the dark corners of the world. I’ve especially been casting the Net to the ancient trees of the world since receiving your newsletter asking us to set aside January 25; I didn’t want to wait but started right away. This work fills me to bursting with love; I truly feel love and light radiating out from my heart space when I do this work!
It was a great blessing when I found the Grandmothers’ first book, quite accidentally, a used book that seemed to just appear in my hands at a used book store. I quickly acquired the other 2 books, spread the word about this work to people in my area, and attended the Gathering in Pennsylvania. I will continue to honor and follow the Grandmothers’ work and messages. Thank you for bringing the Grandmothers to us and to the world!
Letter from Oxford, U.K.
My visit to the ancient yew at Iffley Village Churchyard, thought to be 1200 years old. Older than the Norman church that stands close beside it. As I arrived, others were coming to the church for the weekly bell-ringing practice!. 
One other woman who had come to meet me and work with the tree. She brought offerings of dried herbs and flowers to the tree and as I approached I noticed her giving offerings at a spot by the church wall too.  After we greeted one another, she reminded me about Annorah, the anchorite, who had lived a life of strict seclusion in a tiny bricked up cell next to the church.  She may be buried there too — there is a grave stone just there.  I have known about this woman but never felt moved by her before, but now I felt powerfully that her energy was still there, and she too became part of our circle.  The yew tree would already have been 500 years old when Annorah lived here in her cell, just between the edge of the church and the tree.  I was struck by the word ‘anchorite’ – she was anchored to God through her life of prayer, as we were there to anchor the Net of Light into the tree root web.
We stood beneath the branches of yew and made our prayers, including that our work be in harmony with the bells of the church, for the time of separation is over.  I tuned my shruti box to the key of the bells, and sang, as we visualised the Net of Light anchoring into the roots of this ancient mother tree, and spreading out across the land, ready to meet with the lit up roots spreading from all the other points of activation.  The bells held a safe space for me to sing loudly, and I felt my voice enacting the journey from highest vibration (Net of Light) to deeply embodied lowest chakra sounds (Roots).  I sat with Grandmother Yew behind me doing this and am still feeling the potent energy of the experience.  A robin was curious and came close to listen.  A female blackbird also came right into the yew canopy, and in the spaces between peels of bells we heard the voices of many birds.  Red Kites flew above.  I felt a sense of being between the canopy of the Net of light spreading in all directions, and the network of roots below us, both lit up and spreading in all directions.  I felt how humans join these two realms.  We prayed for balance.
As we completed, the bell-ringers chimed one bell repeatedly, which felt a fitting end.  As we left the churchyard, I noticed a healthy looking sapling, planted on the site of a huge chestnut which had to be cut down a year or so ago.  Last time I had been there, the chestnut stump and roots had still been there, and I was sad.  Weirdly as I arrived, I had seen that the stump had gone but hadn’t seen the sapling!  As we left, I made a connection with this young life too, which felt a hopeful way to end.
What we are doing is way beyond my comprehension, but I know it was a good thing to do.  Deep and holy.  The yew tree grandmother encouraged me to come back often – it’s good for both of us, I felt her say.  And this I feel too, that though I am tired now, the experience has nourished me as surely as it has done some good in the world.
love Jackie 
Artist: René Jules Lalique

Call to Lightworkers
 to Strengthen the Net of Light Holding the Earth
“We need a place where humanity and the Spirits of Nature can meet and you must be that ‘place.’ ” 
“It’s time to get to know the spirits of nature, to connect with the elemental kingdom of life. We are calling you to this work now,” the Grandmothers said. “To save your planet from destruction and return it to balance, this link between humanity and the natural world must be made. And you,” they said, “are here to do it!”
“Each Net of Light Gathering this year will focus on work with nature. We will begin with the trees-reactivating the template for communication that existed in the old growth forests. The trees’ network of communication is needed once again.”
The Grand Mothers say, “Only those we call to this work will respond.” 

So if the Grandmothers are calling you, come.   
We will gather together to amplify the power and reach of the Net of Light.  Our purpose is Selfless Service to all life, to the planet itself, to the nature spirits and to the spirits of the Ancestors.  Please join us.  
2020 Net of Light Gatherings
  • Joshua Tree, California,  April 16-19
  • Lake Taupo, New Zealand,  September 4-7
  • Villa Maria,  October 30-November 1
  • Ghost Ranch, October 30-November 1