January 14, 2018, Speak the Truth

January 14, 2018, Speak the Truth
There’s a great upheaval happening now,” I said to the Grandmothers.  “Women are speaking out about men harming them and there’s a lot of anger.   Grandmothers,” I asked, “given the conditions that exist between women and men, what’s the most important thing for we as women to learn?   Is it possible for us to have a better relationship with one another and with men?”
“Speak out from your heart,” the Grandmothers said.
“Speak the truth in a clear, kind, and non defamatory way. Speak the truth for all generations to hear.  When you speak, think of the good you want to take place on Earth, not only for yourself, but for all beings.  That way your words will not wound as they otherwise might, you will not expend your energy in lashing out, and you will be heard. 
“Speak the truth.  Speak it as a WOMAN…as a woman of power, which is what you are.  A real woman is not selfish, but seeks the highest good for all.
“Whenever you come from this unselfish place, people will hear you.  You can say the things that are hard to say as long as you speak them for the good of all.  For the good of your so-called enemies, for yourself, for the generations to come, and for those who came here before you.  Speak from this place of deep connection and you will honor all beings.  People will hear your intent and they will listen.
“As a whole, men have not been listening to women.  They have ignored and demeaned you and you, in turn, have sometimes ignored and demeaned one another.  You have also lashed back at men.  Don’t waste time on that any more,” they shook their heads.  “Instead, speak truth clearly. Come forward with it,” they said, and after a thoughtful pause, added, “stand up and be counted.   Speak what needs to be said. Don’t cower or hold back.  Don’t boast or call attention to yourself. Speak the truth straight up!” they declared.
You can do this because you live your life with us now,” the Grandmothers said.  “You live with the Divine. God is present in your breath, in your blood, in your every thought, word and deed. Whenever this is the case, whenever this visceral connection with the Divine is present, the truth will come out,” they declared.  “It will come out easily, clearly, and at every moment.  The Divine,” they said,” which is what you really are, IS truth.
“We are happy you’ve come to this place, this place you call ‘speaking truth to power.’  This is what is needed.  Within speaking truth to power lives the great love, the great service that seeks the highest good for all.  Truth is rolling forward,” they said, gesturing broadly, “and you are part of that momentum.”  Then, humming softly to themselves they added, “We are happy for you.  You have worked hard to get to this place of understanding.  You have been stalwart, brave and true and it shows!” they declared.  “Speak up.”
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 1-14-18