January 8, 2018, Let’s Talk About Love

January 8, 2018, Let’s Talk About Love
“Love. Let’s talk about love,” the Grandmothers said. “Let’s see if we can stretch you a bit–stretch your understanding. You think of love as an emotion, a state you now and then ‘fall’ into….  No,” they said “That’s not it at all.
“You are an embodiment of love–nothing 

but love. Emotions and thoughts pass through the body of love that you are, but at the bottom, at zero point, 
love is what you are. Only love. Love is home base for you and for every living thing. Love is the bedrock of life; it provides the glue for existence. It is love and only love that holds this universe together. Wherever you look, when your eyes are truly open, you will see love–only love. Start watching for it. Be on the lookout. It will surprise you. It will come forth in one of its amazing disguises and delight you.
“You say, ‘yes but’ to what we are telling you now,” the Grandmothers laughed;“you ask about anger, you ask about fear. We will explain,” they said.“What you term ‘anger,’ is actually only a ‘hiccup. Someone has for a moment forgotten how to breathe. They are holding their breath, and this, for a short time interrupts the natural flow of love. Tantruming toddlers do this and so do adults. Don’t react to their mistake. Instead, recognize it as only a ‘hiccup’ and in your heart, hold them in love until they relax enough to let life and breath flow through them again.
“The one who is getting carried away by anger is afraid that love has gone away. No one gets angry because they feel too much love. Fear appears when you forget about the all-pervasive presence of love. When life changes and the circumstances you are accustomed to disappear, you may forget that love is still there, still underneath it all, still holding you. When you see someone who is afraid like this, hold them steady in your heart and as much as you are able, simply love him or her…and, sometimes it’s easier if you love them from a distance.
“Now and then a person will totally lose awareness of love, becoming so far removed from their essence that they become cruel. Their behavior then is erratic and may even go into monstrous. The cut off from love they are experiencing is the very definition of mental illness. These people feel no connection to the core of their being and must therefore be restrained so they don’t damage others. Do not be afraid to speak out in instances like this and do not be afraid to take action. Love them but do not tolerate their behavior.”
Then breaking into smiles, the Grandmothers said, “You will be able to do all these things we’ve spoken of because you ARE love. You are nothing else. You are one with the great Net of Light that holds the cosmos. You are part and parcel of the Fabric of Being.
“Please don’t fool yourself any more,” they said. “There’s nothing small or insignificant about you. You are an embodiment of love. You see,” they laughed, “because our eyes are truly open, we see you as you are. And we are delighted.”
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 1-7-18