December 26, 2017, Make us Happy

December 26, 2017, Make us Happy
In a dream last night, I found myself with lots of people and as we stood together, the Grandmothers spoke. “Simply because each of you is connected to the Net of Light,” they said, “you ARE the Net of Light. You are in no way separate from it but are one with the Fabric of Being of the Universe.
“The day you begin to orient to life from your place in the Net of Light, you will bring about an entirely different way of living for yourself. When that happens, you’ll stop believing that power flows down to you from above. And that will make a big, big difference,” they pronounced, arms locked across their chests, rocking back and forth on their heels.
“We understand that this is the way you were conditioned to think of your relationship with God,” the Grandmothers said, “but it’s not true. And each time you take your place on the radiant Net of Light it will become more and more impossible for you to feel separate from God. When you connect with the Net of Light, then there is only oneness, one flow of love of which you are a part. You then experience the “presence” of God within yourself. And… whenever you feel the presence of God within, you automatically stop seeing other beings as separate from you.
“As you orient to life from your place on the Net of Light suddenly there is no more estrangement of one race or culture from another race or culture. No more “us” and no more “them.” Because you are immersed in the flow of light and love within the Net, because you ARE one with the Fabric of Being of the Universe, you are inseparable from the Source and therefore inseparable from one another. One Love simply IS…and you are that One Love.
“Soon these things we are saying will stop sounding like only words to you,” the Grandmothers said, “soon you will feel the truth of this oneness reverberating in your body. And when that happens, you will open to accepting your greatness. That will be a happy day!” they cried. “On that day we will celebrate and rejoice with you. We look forward to that so much!” they exclaimed, “so start making us happy now by bringing that day closer and closer. Work with the Net of Light every day. Don’t,” they said, “put off your own happiness (and ours) any longer.”
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 12-26-17