November 24, 2017, Immovable Forever

November 24, 2017, Immovable Forever
The glow of your being will illumine the world.
As soon as I sat down to listen to the Grandmothers I felt myself ‘cloaked’ in an endless embrace.  After a while the Grandmothers spoke. “This is the truth,” they said.  “Feel it! Let yourself accept this embrace, accept what is your own.   You are loved, protected, and guarded by light.  It is your right to be held in love.   You are our very own,” they affirmed, “so let the winds of change blow and whine, as they will.  Let them roar,” they said, throwing up their hands.   “Though they disturb the world you live in, they cannot touch you.
“Pull your attention away from the blustering puffery of the many loud ones who attempt to claim center stage in the world today.  Turn away from these theatrics and move into your heart — into the stillness at your center.  You are an eternal being.  Who and what you are is immovable and forever.  The glow from the core of your being will illumine the world.  We tell you that each time you touch into your heart radiance it surges forth.  Your beauty and power will send peace throughout the Universe.
“The fact that you follow our guidance and do our work together in groups makes it possible to make great changes on your planet today. Were you to attempt even a quarter of this work by yourself alone you would face a task daunting indeed.  But because you do not work alone, but as a member of the family of light, you can move mountains.  You are already removing mountains of fear and falsity.  Each time you work with the Net of Light, you move them, melt them and reconfigure them.  At last you have begun to awaken to who you really are, and as this takes place, you are making the world anew.  You were born for these times,” the Grandmothers declared.  “You are a change agent, and THIS kind of change is what is called for.
“Spend time each day listening to us and listening for us.  We will come to you throughout the day, we will show up in your dreams, and we will bring the right people and events into your life.  We will cover you with our love and surround you as you walk amidst the crowds.  We will show ourselves in the most surprising ways, filling your life with our presence. Look for us,” they said. “Call on us.
“We remind you that right now you and we, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 

are living through this important time together.”   Laughing, they added,”This is no accident.”