NewsFlash November 13, 2017, One Man’s Question

How do I not be terrible in simply being male?
That is the pain men feel 
I am J D … a male Beacon in Bellingham, WA.  The gratitude I feel for the Grandmothers … for your books and work … is profound.  This ongoing major life transformation/flowering happening over and over within me is all due to the Grandmothers, yours, and everyones’ efforts in promoting this equilibrium-now-so-immediate.  And I want to say Thank You in some meaningful way.
Words fall short in the Depth and Love I want to express, however, these words are what I have to work with.  Please hear the ring of honesty/honor in this.
As a male I want to promote and hold fast this message for others.  My “work” is to  allow the Grandmothers to do all the lifting, and yet still ask for their assistance daily, many, many times …  (before bed, middle of the night, in the morning … all day long).
I have a job where I drive a great deal, and really look forward to the time spent as I ask the Grandmothers to allow me to serve in the best possible way: to somehow promote the Net of Light and Expand it.  They surround me with support/encouragement and an Allowing I’ve not experienced before.  And people see me differently.  It’s like they feel LOVED …  all due to the Grandmothers overflowing through me. 
The Comfort I feel from Them is deep and unending, and I imagine these folks seeing me can sense it.  They can FEEL it, and they smile warmly. And as I smile back it’s as if there is a blessing that transpires, much larger than either one of us in the exchange, and I feel the world is finally “right” in that short moment before I go on my way, and the moment passes.  Is that enough?
Maybe that is all a man such as myself needs.  Maybe that is enough. As a male I want to do more … but that is the old way isn’t it … a male driven “do-it” mentality … or is it?  As a male, should I not express my yang energy in a balanced way … but still .. express it, in all of its “do-it” nature?
If we as Beings have chosen this life to manifest the highest good in this particular body, what is the male role?  How do I express THAT in its finest form, when the male nature is to do things, and that very same “do-it” nature has gotten us all into this terrible state to begin with; how do I not be terrible in simply being male?
That is the pain men feel … in being part of the terribleness … and I swear, that is part our (males) problem.  Us as males being the wrong of the world, and yet, wanting to be the good.  The Grandmothers know I feel it, and deeply.  Others do too.  Perhaps the rounding-off of the sharp edges in the yang energy you and the Grandmothers talk about is enough.
Woman Being the ONE … man being the few in this, how do I help the most?  I do not want to get in my own way, or any others. I can say this is my life’s work … it is what I was built for.  Every single idiosyncrasy I have has put me in the position to really hear the Grandmothers message. 
This re-balancing, this Grandmothers message, is the reason for my life experiences (i.e. the world’s assaults creating in me more protective kindness to those that are bullied).  And without trying to “do” anything, I am wondering how can the predominantly balanced male help make a difference?  If Woman is stepping into her rightful inheritance of Power … how do I support and promote this without getting in Her way, and yet do my part?
Thank you Dear Dear Souls,
With the depth of kindness, every time.
~ Message from a beloved brother in the Net of Light, 11-12–17