You Will Not Fail. It is Impossible for You to Fail.

You Will Not Fail. It is Impossible for You to Fail.

July 3, 2024 Newsletter


“You Will Not Fail. It is Impossible for You to Fail.” 

—The Great Council of the Grandmothers


“Grandmothers,” I said, “the news for the past few days has been sobering. Everything in the world is being shaken up, threatened and changed. I know the most important thing I can do at a time like this is to stay focused within, stay focused on oneness with you. “Please show me how to stay tuned at this time of upheaval on earth. Help me do this,” I asked. “No Matter What.”

“Yes!” The Grandmothers cried. “We will show you. First,” they said, “turn away from the latest distractions and come home.” Heads nodding as they beckoned to me, they repeated, “Always home. Not caught in the next disaster, and then the next one, but always home,” they said. “Be like a magnet, magnetized by love, magnetized by God. Magnetized by the One Love.

“Return to that home place over and over again,” they said. “Be a Beacon of light. Steady. Grounded and broadcasting light. Be that,” they said. “Live that.

“Think of and see yourself as one with the Net of Light. See yourself filled with light, filled to the point where light pours off you and radiates into the world. You are a well wisher, a blesser of everyone and everything that crosses your path. Be that!” they cried. “Live like that, and pay attention to how this stance of Power supports you. Notice how taking this stance in the world feeds and upholds you!

“And think often of us,” the Grandmothers said. “Think of the Divine in any of its magnificent forms and once you have, think also of the Family of Light of which you are a part. You are one of a family of well wishers, a family of Beacons on earth. 

“You have work to do,” they smiled, “and you were born to do it. Before you came into this world you asked for a job of great import. You asked to contribute to the uplift of life on Earth. You asked….” they said, continuing to smile at me, “and this is it! This is your job….to stand steady in light and in this hour of need, broadcast the goodness and holding power of this light and love. 

“You are not here to collapse into the drama of the day. You’re not here to fall into fear, anger and grief. No!” they cried. “You are here as a Beacon. Powerful, Radiant. You are a Beacon.

“Many will experience the power of your light,” they said, “and when they do, they too will turn to the light. As they recognize it, they will open to its presence within themselves. Many will be drawn to this work of anchoring light here on earth. Anchoring it right here and right now,” they said, and as they spoke, suddenly they thrust their hands down to the earth.

I watched them and understood. The Grandmothers will work through us. They will hold the light as it shines through us. And as we work together, they will hold us steady. 

“Fasten yourself to us,” they said at last. “Fasten yourself to the great being we promise you that you are. You are one with us and we will do this work with you,” they said. “You will not fail. It is impossible for you to fail. You were born for this.”


—the Great Council of the Grandmothers, July 3, 2024

Sharon and the Net of Light Team