You are here now. You were born for these times

You are here now. You were born for these times

Message from The Great Council of the Grandmothers:

“You are seeing huge shiftings, shakings, and great destruction on earth,” the Grandmothers said.  “One after another these come on, and with each upheaval, comes the suffering of people, animals, trees, and the Earth Herself. Trauma upon trauma is here. It is here in your time. And we are here also,” the Grandmothers declared. “We are here with you. We stand with you, together to witness, hold, love and bless every bit of it.” I gulped when they said this and quickly I looked up at them. “Let’s get to work!” they said, giving themselves a shake, and I gulped again, wondering what they meant.
“We have given you the Net of Light so that you can be of service during these times. This is not a moment to hang back, not a moment to question life, wring your hands and bemoan your fate. No!” They cried, their faces fierce. “It is a time to get to work.
“Cast the Net of Light!” they commanded. “Hold center point and from the great stillness and strength within your core, cast and magnify the presence of the Net of Light on Earth. See it now as it covers the land of Turkey, Syria and all areas affected by these earthquakes. Think of the Net of Light and as you do, see it anchoring itself into the land and the people there. It is penetrating through the rubble and flooding deep, deep into the earth. It’s filling everything and everyone with light, healing and lifting despair and desperation. Watch now as it cradles and holds, holds and heals. The Net of Light supports life—always. It is hard at work now and each time you think of it blessing, and healing, it is able to do more.
“Many of you have been working with the Net of Light for a long time,” the Grandmothers said. “You are in tune with its power and are able to automatically anchor its presence. Wherever you are, there is the Net of Light,” they said. “And because of your connection with it, the Net is many times more powerful than it was earlier. Able to reach deeper, farther, and able to help more. There are so many of you who call on the Net of Light that its reach and power have greatly expanded. Know this at this time and trust your bond with the Net of Light. Respect yourself for the partnership you share with the great Fabric of Being that supports life everywhere. Respect the work you are able to do with the Net and magnify its blessing presence wherever it is needed. By calling on the Net of Light, casting it and thinking of it holding, holding, holding, you do untold good.
“These difficult changes must come to Earth,” the Grandmothers said, “and the time for these changes is now. This was foretold long ago,” they said, their eyes holding mine. “So play your part! Be the lighted one you were born to be. Stand steady and magnify the presence of the Net of Light. You are here now. You were born for these times.”

Letter from a Beacon in Turkey

Dear Sharon, Days are passing and not only me, most of us are coming out from shock after the first traumatic effects of the event. Today is the first day I feel more stabilized.

I received yours and other Net of Light Family letters and I can’t thank you enough for how you made me feel HELD. Thank you for praying and holding all of us.

I listened to you. You told me I needed to rest, listen and do nothing for a bit. It is hard to do NOTHING but I did nothing other than praying in my small personal space and posted helpful instagram stories. Maybe after many years of being in the doing energy in my life, my energy is shifting and I deeply understood I can’t be in DOing in the old way anymore. This is a new pace. I realize I don’t know how to BE. I don’t know how to receive. My mind said to me many times, “Go to the area of the earthquakes and DO volunteer. But my body didn’t move. Then yesterday I understood that if I go there, it would be heavy and very damaging for my soul. Finally I gave up. I had to listen within.

Then I got an inner vision—casting the Net of Light on the map of Turkey’s damaged area. Today I wrote it, first to my inner circle, then in my instagram page. Many many women responded with great energy. They are starting to pray now with the Net of Light. I had to do this. I could never imagine how when I started translating the Grandmothers’ first book, it would help me spread the word and teachings of the Grandmothers in this way, at this time, on this land.

So far, more than 17,000 people died and we guess there are more..Many children and babies lost their families and are now orphans.
The grief will be huge. We will need safe and strong spaces to hold this grief and also the anger that has arisen.
Thank you for being there.
Love you,