SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, June 5th, 2022

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Sharon: Welcome to our Online Teaching with the Net of Light.  Today we’re going to pass on a way of working with a tool the Grandmothers call a “template”, for anchoring this return of the sacred connection between the human family and the Divine, and all forms of Being. From this time on, as we do this work with the Grandmothers, we will be working at every possible level. This will swell the amount of love, power, and communion we will share together, and will dissolve any feelings of separation: whether that be with oneself, the Divine, or with one’s personal connections.  The good news is there is no separation between you or me and Nature. We are a part of Nature.  Today the One Love will be able to express itself more through us.

Over the years that the Grandmothers have been teaching us, they have moved us farther than I ever imagined.  And I know we’re not done yet.  They began to teach us how to go beyond space and time, so that we could connect with others, including those who are not physically with us on earth, and those yet to be born.  They have taught us how to work with all forms of the Divine and taught us of the return of God the Mother, the return of the Feminine Principle back to earth (and throughout our cosmos), and how we as humans can bring the balance of masculine/feminine, female/male, back again.  In the last couple of years, they have been guiding us forward to interact with Nature in all her glory, and we do that with our connection with God the Mother, Mother Earth herself.  We are a part of this grand expansion, and, at the same time, the disintegration of all of our human systems are taking place.  The old must go.  It is not working, it is not serving the force of life.  And we are part of, and filled with, the force of Life.  It’s good to remember what’s really going on here.  It may look like hell on earth, but all the muck is rising to the surface so that life can bloom again, with us.

Sharon: Net of Light Meditation

Catherine: [Reads the newly-given “Grandmothers Commitment to the Earth”]:

Together with the Grandmothers, all forms of the Divine, and the Ancestors of the light, we take our place on the Net of Light.   We bow in gratitude to Mother Earth and give thanks for Her endless love and patience with us.  We bless the ground under our feet and ask Mother Earth to draw us into full harmony with her.  In the past many of us have lived as though we were distant from our Mother but today we recognize that we are her own, and She is our own.  We declare our sacred connection to Earth and heaven and affirm that we are held from below as well as from above.  Because we live our lives within the great Net of Light, we are an intrinsic part of the One Love.  Grateful for the bond we share with our human, animal, plant and mineral family, we salute the sky, the earth, the waters, the fire of life, space, and everything that lives.  We bow to the Divinity present in every part of our beloved planet.  Because we are part of the Net of Light, we are always held within the One Love.  This enables us to be instruments of healing, so that, from wherever we sit, stand, or move, the power of love radiates.  We ask now to be pure vessels of love, to be a walking blessing upon the Earth.

Sharon: “A walking blessing upon the earth.” That’s what you are.

And now, we will begin to work with the Elemental Kingdom of life, with the elemental spirits who channel light down into earth which comprises our bodies.  We have been cut-off from them for a very long time and have been told that thinking about them is nonsense.  We were taught to prejudge anything that had to do with working with the elemental kingdom.  The Grandmothers say “You cannot afford this anymore.  Now is the time of crisis.  The only thing that can save you now is nature herself.”   There is a rising rhythmic flow coming from the earth herself, and those who have an open mind and heart can begin to work with nature. Each of you has the opportunity to listen. Call in, or ask the Grandmothers to call in, your team. There are people who write about nature spirits, like Michael J. Roads, and Machaelle Small Wright.  Please feel free to look deeper into this. Our job with the Grandmothers is communication and communion, and this is what we will do with the Net of Light.

In a few minutes you will call upon the Grandmothers, and a head of the nature spirit family.  In western culture this head is called “Pan” which means “all”:  the all-knowing, all-present, nature spirits. We will call on Pan, unless you are from a different culture and know the name for the head of all nature spirits.  You will have a team of earth spirits to work with, and they will maintain a certain integrity, and different ones will come in depending on what you are working on.  I will voice Pan (you let it be whoever is the head of the Nature spirits for you), and asking Pan and the Grandmothers, to select for you the correct nature spirits who will be on your team. You can count on them and they will be there. Keep your mind and heart open.

Sharon: [Meditation calling upon the Net of Light and the Elemental Spirits:] Calling on the Radiant Net of Light, which is present within you, around you, throughout your life, throughout everything, the great holder of light, and with the Net of Light are the Grandmothers, who brought us to this point in order that we might help with this work of integration and communication.  We ask now that the Grandmothers, and the Net of Light, work with Pan, or whoever is representing the overall of the Elemental Sprits, to bring to you now the team that will work with you as you begin this work with nature. Just observe. You may see, feel, intuit, hear, taste or smell things.  Just notice what you experience now.  Nature and the elemental spirits have been waiting a long time for this. If you are sincere to serve in this new way, they will respond.  Let them come in now. Just observe what it is like.  They will be all around you.  Notice whatever you notice, and don’t censor yourself.  Welcome them.  Let them know that you want to begin to communicate with them.  And that you really don’t know how, but that your heart is open to learning, that you are eager to learn.  The Net of Light is busy connecting you to your team.  Your heart to theirs, and their hearts to yours.  It is a natural flow.  You all want the same thing, which is the highest good for all life. 

Sharon: Let that rest now. Over time this communication with them will get easier and more natural and will fill your life with more joy.  Today we take the first step in this new relationship. Let it rest there.

I will ask some on the panel now to share about their lives since we met at Joshua Tree in the desert, when we first began to work with the nature spirits.

Nadia: I’d like to share that, as we were preparing for the meeting, that connection to nature and the team was instantly there. So, for all of you who have called your team together, know that it is there. Like the trust of knowing that the Grandmothers are there.

Catherine: When Sharon led the meditation, I could feel this tickling, and really sensed there were a lot of them.  I also had an image of Redwood trees.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the Redwood Forest in northern California, Armstrong Woods, and received a couple of messages; one being to forgive myself, related to my divorce.  The one that came today was to “stand tall like the Redwoods, who stand together reaching for the Light.”

Peggy: What I’m aware of is this: because of life circumstances a big part of me has been living in my head.  When I have been quiet and recapture the sense of beauty flooding in and allowing nature to take over, I become aware that I need to listen and perceive in new ways.  The image that came to me as Sharon was speaking was a painting being applied to a canvas.  At first it was a waterscape and I saw all kinds of sea creatures and suddenly that scene moved to a coast line with a beautiful mountain landscape with forest creatures standing and basking in brilliant sunlight.   I am taking this in right now as a new way to work with nature with more of a feeling and body sensation. That is where the great value is, and I still have a lot of learning to do.

Kate: For me it has become very simple, as simple as walking out into my garden and watching, with great focus, a hummingbird drinking nectar out of a flower. Or as you were speaking Sharon, I immediately became hyper-focused on the fact that I could hear the water in the fountain outside my window, and I could feel as the breeze caressed my arm. What I want to say is that it comes in so many forms, but it’s quite accessible and simple to walk around in your daily life and find a sense of Oneness. I was looking at the ocean on my walk the other day and, as I took a deep breath, I felt the color of the ocean moving into my lungs as I breathed. I’m feeling more porous within the natural world, and I’m finding it’s not any more complicated than that.

Sharon: Thank you.

That will be your joy, to discover how nature begins to uniquely awaken you.  We would be thrilled if you’d want to share your experience and let us know how you’re doing. or if you have any questions.

The next piece to work with is the great Ascendant Beings.  These can be the ones that we revere, or often worship.  These are beings who have lived on Earth and achieved Oneness. They have gone past their personalities into a heart-centered life.  They are great teachers and healers, and great examples of morality and love in action.  These are the Holy Ones, beyond any limits, who live to serve and help.  We often refer to them as great saints, sages, and avatars.  The Grandmothers are a part of this group, and the great Ascended Beings will work with you.  We will call on them in a moment, and, observe who comes to you.  As they appear to you, greet them, and you may learn from them, or be surprised.  This world we live in is vaster than our mind can control.  It’s a great adventure to be on.  You will be meeting more members of your team who will be working with you as you dissolve the false barriers between humanity, nature and divinity, because it is all One Love.  We are moving into this great stance of One Love, step by step.

Sharon: [Meditation calling upon the Net of Light and the Ascended Ones].  So, close your eyes, and think of giving yourself this opportunity; that it’s ok to expand, to be happy, to spread that happiness and be part of the flow of goodness, and be that walking blessing upon the Earth.  Give a thought to your connection with the radiant Net of Light, and to the Grandmothers.  Ask the Net of Light and the Grandmothers to bring to you and to call to you the great Ascended Beings who wish to help you.  Observe what you notice, what you see and sense.  Don’t censor yourself, just observe.  And experience how these Ascending Beings are interacting so beautifully with the spirits of Nature.  How happy they are, and at-one, and relaxed.  All these great Beings work with and through the Net of Light, and so do you. Feel yourself rocked and held by this Oneness.  Notice how this feels.  You are so fully-linked now. You are unified with the Elemental Beings, with the Ancestral Beings, with the Grandmothers and the Ascended Beings, and with the elements themselves that comprise your body and the elemental kingdom.  It is a great soup of love, of which you are a part.

Ask for a name or a symbol for this team. Later you will note it down. You can use this symbol or word if you ever want or need to call your team, and they will come instantly.

Now rest with all aspects of your team: the elemental helpers, the elements themselves, the Ancestral Beings of the Light, and the Ascended Beings, along with the Grandmothers, all held within the Net of Light, including you.

 Does anyone from the panel want to share?

Peggy: When I brought my attention to the top of my head and down through the central channel of the spine, it was as if there was a great influx of energy, and the rocking I do sometimes intensified.  When I need to get grounded and centered, I bring my energy to the middle of me, from the top of my head to my feet, to clear the path for energy to divinely flow. We forget to center ourselves, and when I remember, it makes a big difference in my perception of being, still and enlivened at the same time.

Nadia: I wanted to add when calling in the Ascended Beings I got several names and I got a strong downpour of energy being flushed through somehow, and it was a very physically powerful experience.

Sharon: Trust yourself as you do this process and as you call in the beings that help you. We have the tendency to separate ourselves out of the Divine.  What comes to mind is the trip Catherine mentioned when a group of us went to Armstrong Woods, to be amongst the Redwoods.  There were two people who hadn’t had the experience of working with the elemental or Ascended Beings.  During the calling-in, one of the women saw Jesus directly in front of her!  All of these Beings love us so much, and they love to give.  Do not deprive yourself of any of these loving beautiful souls, great ones who come to you.  It’s not a mistake.

We will meet again on July 3rd to continue this work. Meanwhile, we welcome your ideas, thoughts, and sharing’s. Send them to us.

Until the next Teaching, call upon your team and hang out with them.  Get to know them.  You can ask them to teach you how to dissolve any separation you have with the Divine.  When we meet again, we will have a project to work on which will anchor this in practicality for you. There’s no way to do this work wrong.  The Grandmothers have given us this, because it’s time to step in and do this work.  The potential is vast.  Play with this as much as you like.  This is for real.  These beings love you.  They are here for all of us now.

Sharon: Sings “Oh How We Love You.”