Summary Online teaching April 3, 2022

Summary Online teaching April 3, 2022

Sharon: Welcome to Net of Light, our monthly Online Teaching where we come together to anchor the Grandmothers’ message, and the radiant Net of Light, to the Earth. Today we have four women who are going to be sharing with us: Mary and Chikeola from Southern California, Snow from the UK, and Nicole from Germany. This is a time when change is accelerating to the highest degree. We are being pushed to step forward, stand in our power, speak the truth, and to live in love and full power.

Peggy: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: I’d like to ask each of our guests to speak about what is moving in each of you now, as you are all involved in the Grandmothers’ work. You all bring to it a different perspective because of your unique backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences. We are so glad to have you. Much on our mind now is what is going on in Northern and Central Europe. I would like to start with you, Snow, as you took on the job of heading up the Eastern European support team.

Snow: Greetings, dear ones.  Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditation. I was shown such a beautiful image of what Sharon was asking about.  (pauses) Last month when we had our Online Teaching, Sharon shared that there was an opportunity to connect with a group of women in Lithuania who had asked for additional support. I had received so many beautiful emails from women in different countries, from different continents, and each time I was reading a letter it was like something was anchoring deeper and deeper with each note of love. It showed me how all of us are really longing for beautiful connection and peace, to see peace everywhere on earth. There was a lady who reached out over a month ago, Daiva. She had sent an email to Sharon saying that she was in Lithuania, and they needed extra support also. This turned into a chain reaction of women showing up, sharing how their men are supporting them, and getting together to meditate on peace.  This shows how one person can ignite a great fire of change.  So, you are all aware how this beautiful magic happens.  It begins in one person reaching out for help, and it has been received in so many beautiful ways. Daiva connected with other groups in Lithuania who were doing Net of Light meditations from different regions, and she organized an in-person meeting in the capital city where over ten women came together to meditate for peace.  There is still a heaviness that they are experiencing, but the field of support has become much more powerful. For those who would like to join in supporting them, you can do so at any time.  The Lithuanian group is meeting every evening at 8pm Eastern European Time.  Thank you to all who have responded, and thank you for your beauty, your love, your time, your care, and your peace.

Sharon: Thank you Snow, that is wonderful.  I got that message from Daiva, and they were scared because they were near Russia and they felt they were “sitting ducks’ [in great immediate danger].  I am so heartened by the response. If anyone wants to be part of this please contact

I would like to ask Nicole to share with us what’s going on with the groups in Germany.

Nicole: I would like to speak not only for Germany, but for all the German-speaking countries. I think we can compare what is happening in our German-speaking community with what is happening on a larger scale. We may have differences in our German language but we all understand each other. If we speak the language of the heart, we understand each other. Women are speaking out and are longing for this connection. We have just started the first online meeting in Austria last Sunday, and the two women who organized it have been part of our German group. And there are many others who connect across borders between Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland etc. In Germany we have lots of refugees, but we also have many people here who know or are connected to someone from Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful feeling in Germany now. There has been a lot of strife due to Covid, a rift in the country, but the war has brought people together again. The support is huge. People help in different ways. Some do prayer groups. Every evening at 7:30pm with the German group there is a Net of Light meeting, sending love to all.  We must not get lost in the big stories but send love to all.  The Grandmothers and their messages help us all and give us comfort and strength. Crises like this always give us an opportunity to take a stand.

Sharon: Thank you Nicole. I love the message that you are constantly working for the good of all, and not taking sides. I am very moved by seeing and hearing what the beauty of this work is doing for you. I am so glad for this family of light.

Chikeola, you are new to the Grandmothers’ work, though I know that you have been on the spiritual path for a long time, working with the power of the Feminine Principle. You moved around the world from Africa to New York to Los Angeles. You have been very brave, moving around the world, and I would like to know how the Grandmothers’ work is affecting you.

Chikeola: What has been fascinating to me, in connecting to the Grandmothers, is that twenty plus years ago on my spiritual journey there were some grandmothers connected to me. I was thinking that they were from my own lineage, and now what I am seeing as I pay attention and read the book, is really a re-illumination of the personal work I have been doing. I am observing that I have been guided to learn spiritual principles for how this world works and how we are all connected to love, and we are all love. As I have studied different paths, I see parallels in the Grandmothers’ teachings, about the Divine Feminine principle. I am in the process of really learning the lessons first. The other thing I am noticing is when we are talking about the ‘Return of the Mother,’ we as women are being invited to step forward. We transform ourselves first, and become very clear about our alignment with nature, just like how the second book expresses “You are one with the Mother.”  Once we know this deeply, then the way that we connect, relate to and show up with each other becomes different. For us this is about understanding and believing in ourselves more, and to stand up and understand the Feminine Principle, while including men. It is an understanding of how we can come together to create the more harmonious world that we are all yearning for.

Sharon: Thank you for your deep philosophy.  What I’ve found with the Grandmothers is that it is easy to understand because they make it fun to learn. I am glad you are enjoying it and learning with us.

Chikeola: You had mentioned that I cannot rush the Gandmothers. So, I am observing the different experiences of others, and seeing how it is related.  It has become very clear that it’s not all about what I want, it is how I am being of service and what is my contribution. Also, we hold everyone. It’s about practicing no judgement, because ultimately, we don’t know what the divine is trying to accomplish.

Sharon: That is the truth, and it is a wild ride, and a ride worth taking.

This leads to Mary, who was with us at the Joshua Tree Gathering that we had in March, where we were deeply involved in connecting heaven and earth and connecting all the family of light together: the human beings, the Divine beings, the nature beings and the ancestors … everything together. We set up a template for this multi-dimensional connection so that it would be there, very firm and steady, for everyone to call on.

Mary is also a part of the Eastern Europe support team. So, I would like for you to speak about what is moving and teaching you, within this work.

Mary: I had a wonderful experience in Joshua Tree. We were connecting all of nature with the earth, and with heaven, and I experienced the molecular structure of my body becoming the elements of water and air, fire and earth. I was guided by the blessed Virgin Mary who had merged inside of me and took me on this great adventure. This was another “aha” moment with the Grandmothers, where I really understood that I am the earth. When I really felt it, that was quite awesome. My intention was to be of service, and to connect deeply into the earth. I always have my connection with the Net of Light, that is so present with me. When Sharon let us know that we had actually accomplished what the Grandmothers’ wanted us to do at our Joshua Tree Gathering, I felt my heart expand, and my heart expands more and more.

Sharon: Thanks Mary. Everyone had a different experience, but what was so magnificent for me was seeing how seamlessly we worked together. We were thirty-four people: three men, and the rest women, and we worked as one organism.

Where we are going next, is deeper into this work: where we work as one with all of nature, all human beings, and all forms of the Divine, in the great ONENESS.  When the Grandmothers first came to me, I had no concept that they would take us to this hugely expanded state. The heart expands, and the mind expands, and we let go of limitations.  We feel this One Love just swelling. The great wave of happiness you are describing, the freedom, the joy, will continue to go on and on. We will be part of that.

Sharon: (sings)

This is holy ground. We’re standing on holy ground.

For Love is present, and where Love is present is holy.

These are holy hearts, Love’s given us holy hearts,

Love works through these hearts, and so these hearts are holy.

These are holy hands, Love’s given us holy hands,

Love works through these hands, and so these hands are holy.

These are holy lives, Love’s given us holy lives,

Love works through these lives, and so these lives are holy…


Sharon: The Grandmothers say there is no mundane world. Everything in this world is holy. You are no exception.

We will see you again next month for the next Online Teaching. If you have any questions or thoughts go ahead and send them to or We love to hear from you. From our heart to yours, let the Net of Light hold you, let it nurture you. You are not going through these times alone.  We stand at your back and the Grandmothers enfold you. See you next month.