Yesterday while sitting in the woods amongst the trees, meditating on the situation in Russia and the Ukraine, I saw the great Mother and heard… “Call on Mother Russia! Call Her now!”
Then the Grandmothers spoke. “You,” they said, “talk about Mother Earth, the Motherland, the Great Mother, Maria Land, Mother India, Mother Russia, and many others forms of the Feminine Divine.  All of these describe the Mother,” they said, “the nurturing, protecting, all loving Mother of Life.  Call her now.
“The people of Russia and Eastern Europe have great need of Her.  The whole world needs Her,” they said.  The evil you see now in Russia and the Ukraine and the fear that is spreading outward from that evil shows what happens when the crazed energy of yang is run to the end of its tether.  It is entirely out of control, and because it is, it is destroying all life in its path. You are watching in horror as this is taking place, but we are here to remind you to turn your focus within yourself and Call on the Mother. Stop observing the drama on Earth and call on Her to step forward, rein in yang energy, and protect and guide Her children.
“The Mother is no longer absent from this world,” the Grandmothers stated, “so no longer can patriarchy wreak destruction on life, turning one people on another. You have come to the end of that. The days of patriarchy are over.
“We are asking you to recognize this fact and arouse yourself to action.  Call the Mother.  Call on Her constantly, call on Her continuously.  She is awakening now, and the Mother will always respond to the cries of her children.  It is time for you also to awaken,” they said, eyeing me knowingly.  “Awaken yourself from the numbness of patriarchy.  Rise up and speak Her name.  Those who understand this truth have a job to do.  You are one and you have a job to do.
“Call Her!” they said.  “It is simple. Ask Her to come forth. Pray for one another—pray for even the perpetrators of these horrors,” they added.   “See Her holding and cradling the Earth, see Her cradling each one.  Talk to Her, sing to Her.  See Her as She sits with you and look for Her reflection in one another.
“Insist that She step forward now in Russia and the Ukraine,” the Grandmothers said, pounding one fist into the other for emphasis.  “Do not accept the horrors that are taking place on Earth now, whether occurring in Eastern Europe or anywhere.  This brutality is not ‘business as usual’ as yang would have it.  This is NOT a cruel and dying world.  This,” they said, pointing to the earth under our feet, “is a world of love, a world of infinite possibilities—a holy world.”   And then the Grandmothers began to sing:
“This is holy ground
You’re standing on holy ground
For love is present
And where love is present, is holy.”
“Be that love,” they said. “Be the love that you are, and let yourself fill with love.”  I took in a deep breath and they cried, “We will fill you full!”  They smiled at me and said, “And, from this place of love, call on Mother Russia now.  She is at one with the Divine Mother so She will calm the raging energy of yang and save Her children.  She will save ALL Her children!” they emphasized.
“Insist on this,” the Grandmothers said.  “Insist on reclaiming the world for the Mother. Do not give up.” 
Note from Artist, Ana Juan:
Ana was commissioned to create this work after the bombing of a maternity hospital. “I kept thinking about a mother’s hands. When you are lost and you don’t have the words to understand the world, a mother’s hands are your shelter. It can also be the hands of a relative or, as happens during a war, the hands of a stranger.”