There is no fancy magic at work here 

There is no fancy magic at work here 
“Grandmothers,” I said, “we love the trees and we’re losing large numbers of them—thousands of great Sequoias this year alone. We want to learn from these ancient teachers while they’re still with us, so all they know is not lost if they go. Because of the Net of Light, it seems that through the Net we could broadcast the teachings of the trees. Send this wisdom through the earth and help all life. These are my thoughts anyway, Grandmothers. Is this right?”
“You are correct,” the Grandmothers said. “You are already a link and can become an increasingly strong link point for the wisdom of the trees, the great, green growers. Trees are wise, wise in the wisdom of earth. They have much to teach you.
“On Sunday, during the Online Teaching, meditate with Beloved, the ancient tree Ellen Davidson took you to in the Redwood Forest. Meditate and listen to her. Through the link this tree set up with you then, she will communicate with everyone on the Zoom presentation Sunday. She will guide each one as to how to proceed. She will be the Mother Tree for you and, from that time onward, you will be able to call on her. 
“Let people know there is no fancy magic at work here,” the Grandmothers said, “other than the magic of the open heart that wishes to serve. One’s desire to love and serve makes them ready receptors for the wisdom of this Great Green Grower. That’s all it takes. This tree you call Beloved has been rooted in one spot for several thousand years. She is wise, observant and a great blessing presence on the earth. She has much to give and she is eager to give it!
“After connecting with her on Sunday, everyone will be able to carry this wisdom with them,” the Grandmothers said, smiling happily. “Her steadiness and over reaching calm will be available to them at every moment of their lives. They will be able to use her presence to help others, and when they go out into nature and relate to other, younger, less experienced trees, these trees will also be able to take in this wisdom. After Sunday, ask everyone to carry the gifts of Beloved into the forests, parks and fields, to the other green growers — to trees and plants, even the animals.
Ask Beloved to bless you now as you take this step,” the Grandmothers said. “She will stand behind you, holding your back steady as you speak on Sunday. Receive from her now, and share how your relationship with trees has deepened since you took this trip to her. We bless you.”
We offer great gratitude to the Living/Loving world we live in, to Beloved, to Ellen who directed us to her, and to the Grandmothers who brought it all about.  And to you, fellow loving being on the path of light. See you Sunday (or later on You Tube).