Summary: Net of Light Online Teaching, May 2, 2021

Summary: Net of Light Online Teaching, May 2, 2021

Sharon welcomes us all, and reminds us that the Online Teachings will be continuing on the first Sunday of each month. [The next Online Teaching will be on June 6th.]

Sharon: Once again we come together to experience the Great Love that holds us, and to expand and magnify that love for all beings.

Our goal is to learn how to live the Grandmothers’ Teachings. The Grandmothers say “the greatest use you can make of what we have come to give, is to live it.”

Many of us have been working with the Grandmothers, with the Great Mother, and with the Feminine Principle of Creation, for a number of years now. And so we can be of great benefit to all those who are new to these ideas, and who are coming to learn this.

For a long time on earth the concept of God the Mother (of Yin, of the Power of Yin, the Power of the Feminine Principle, the Great Holder and Supporter of Life) has been absent. This is the eleventh hour. This is the time for us to step in and step up and become one with this energy, because everything else is falling apart. Yet the underpinnings of life on Earth are here, and we are here to strengthen and to broadcast that. We are here to strengthen that in one another, and in ourselves.

(Regarding connecting with each other, you can also attend any Zoom or live meetings that we are doing. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge for this work. We are happy to give.)

The Net of Light is here to hold the earth steady. It binds all the earth together in the One Love, the Fabric of the Universe. There will be more upheaval coming in the world. Our job is to stand as steady as we can, and to love no matter what. And this we do.

Let us think of us all together now. There are people with us from all across the world, from Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe, North America, South America, and other parts of the world as well. We welcome you, we love you. Our hearts are linked in the Light.

The need of this time is the need for mothering.  So the Grandmothers say: “And so we have come. We are the Grand Mothers, and we know how to take care of all of our children.”

Net of Light meditation.

Sharon: Know that when we pray for everyone, we also pray for ourselves, because we are part of that everyone. We also deserve to be happy.  So today we will discuss: How has working with the Grandmothers made us happier? How have their teachings, their ways of being, their words, their songs, their motivations, brought us closer with the Divine? What has helped you?

[Sharon introduces Tinaz (from California), Jane (from New England), and Lin (from Washington state). Each has been working with the Grandmothers for a long time.]


Lin: One time shopping with my mother many years ago, I needed the Grandmothers’ help, and called to them. Then from nowhere a white feather floated down from the ceiling and landed in front of me. The Grandmothers are there when I ask them to be, even if just for support. There is such support from the Feminine Principle.

Also, using the Net of Light has been helpful. When thinking of friends in need, instead of feeling sorry for them, we can wrap them with the Net of Light, covering them warmly, which is a whole different vibration, much more uplifting and supportive.

We can always ask for help from the Grandmothers, and then be open to whatever comes. It is something that is going to be magical, and very helpful.

Tinaz: I love that you said “it’s so magical.”  It really is. This has transported me and many others into a whole new inner way of being. For me what has been helpful has been doing the meditations, casting the Net of Light, and the Oneness that we experience as a global group. In the Gatherings, but even otherwise, we are so connected to one another. I feel the oneness among us, and also a oneness connected to the Divine.

Sharon: I began to notice several years ago, that whenever we had a Grandmothers meeting at my house, a theme would emerge. We were learning from each other about that particular lesson. I remember one time, someone was working with a grudge that she couldn’t get over, and then we opened the book to a random page, and we opened it to a message on forgiveness! Magical stuff.

Jane: I have felt a connection with the idea of being Divine, but have not been as connected to the concept of happiness. What has helped me is the Grandmothers’ sense of humor. And the simplicity and clarity in assuming that everybody is Divine. It gave me a way of belonging to something that I didn’t clearly understand.

These last years there has been a tension for me between the masculine and feminine. I realized that if I didn’t get a clearer understanding of who I was as divine feminine, I had no language. The Grandmothers gave me a choice: I could be angry, or I could explore the inner sense of who I was as the feminine. What was it like to be a compassionate feminine being in a culture that didn’t necessarily value that? That’s where the humor came in.

On a trip to a Gathering in Lithuania with Sharon, I was exposed to extraordinary things: different entities, people who knew things about me yet I had no idea how… Then I became more centered with the Dance of Creation, with the Directions, and with the Elements. I understood that there were messages to be heard if I could just listen, and that I could only listen from my feminine self. I had to give it enough credibility. That I could honor myself. That I didn’t need to see myself as a reflection in a masculine world.

One special time as we were driving an eagle flew down and just missed the windshield of my car by a couple of inches. It was a sign that I need to pay attention to the Grandmothers!

Knowing that I was held by the Grandmothers allowed me to have my own sense of humor, which has allowed happiness, and the acceptance of myself.

Sharon: Wow. I remember when we went to Lithuania. We encountered extraordinary people: physicists, psychics, and these military personnel…

Jane, back then you had a lot of anger about the male, but you don’t have that now. What happened?

Jane: What became more important to me than my anger and my self-righteousness, was a sense of being. If I wanted to be a person of compassion, I had to let go of my attachment to being seen by others in a certain way. I had to notice what fostered that compassion, and what didn’t foster it. Having been a social worker for many years, I had to let go of some things about how the system was evolving. I had to work to hold compassion in the midst of chaos. Giving up the fear helped, and giving up the anger at how women had been treated.

Sharon: Thank you. You said you have been “on this discovery of how to be a compassionate feminine being.”

Tinaz: I resonate so much with that. Particularly: to stop worrying about how people will see us, how we think we have to perform. Rather, being the loving and accepting grandmothers is valuable in itself, realizing that we can be ourselves.  Whatever we are, we are ok. Wherever we are on the journey, it is fine. To just be yourself. It is good enough. That was very liberating for me.

Sharon: Do you remember how you learned that? Was it from a group discussion, from reading the books or everything? Self-acceptance is a valuable thing to learn.

Tinaz: I think it was a little of everything. It was a process over so many years. It came incrementally, little by little.

Sharon: The Grandmothers say they have to teach us bit by bit, because otherwise it is too much of a shock to our systems, and we would not be able to assimilate it. They will teach us according to our capacity to hold it. Once we get it then we really have it.

Lin, do you want to talk about how to be a compassionate feminine human being?

Lin: The Grandmothers have been enhancing our Yin, and our “brave beauty power.”  Instead of yin being depleted, we can plug into an unlimited source. It helps us to feel in the flow, and that there is an ever-flowing source.  It helps to know that the grandmothers have your back.

Sharon: Our conditioning has been so very patriarchal, so yang-focused. We have thought that we have to figure everything out. What we really need to do is to go quiet, go within, and just let this massive strength rise.

Jane: I think part of this is a conscious decision. To understand that if you want to connect to the Divine, you do have to make choices about where you are and where you are spending your energy. It is important to choose places where compassion is supported. A client said “If I don’t walk in the quality that I know is what I am, then I turn into a tornado.”  If you can walk within a sense of compassion, then you have an experience of being sacred, because you are making a conscious decision to connect with the Grandmothers. Then you can look at the other person next to you and appreciate that they also have a way of connecting with the Divine. This fosters for me a sense of the sacredness of the other person.

Sharon: Thanks for bringing up conscious choice. Your mind can be your very dear friend, or it can be the worst thing you ever encountered because it can run around like a monkey jumping from thing to thing. It needs something to do. Keep it focused on the Source, on the Wellspring of Life.

In the Grandmothers’ work, you have many things you can use to bring yourself home, to center. You can go to any of the books, and open to a page and see what they have got for you in that moment. You can play the songs, use the chants, or watch the videos… All of it helps us to come home. Come home to your Power Source. Don’t waste your life. Claim your life. You are a sacred being. Be who you are meant to be.

Let’s make that commitment to the great “Yes”.

Sharon leads us in a meditation to experience what it is like when you make that conscious choice, when you say yes  to the Divine. (starting at 35:40)

(Sings:) “I am one with the heart of the mother,

I am one with the heart of love,

I am one with the heart of the father,

I am one with God.”

I am one with God.”

We are on this voyage together. Many thanks to all.

Namaste. See you next time.