“We will be working together with you from now on,” the Grandmothers said; “our partnership will become a way of life for you. We need your help,” they said. 
“You have grown in wisdom and we are now able to work with and through you. In order to restore harmony to your planet, we’ve begun to teach you how to interweave with the elements of the earth. When you focus in your own heart and open to the growing harmony of the four elements within yourself, your increase in balance and harmony will transfer to that of your planet. You will automatically become an ‘amplifier’ so-to-speak for the earth; as you work within the microcosm, (yourself), the macrocosm (the world) will respond. We are purposefully working small now,” they said, smiling mischievously, “in order to have the largest possible impact. 
“We have told you many times that you cannot help yourself without helping everything that lives. Remember this now,” the Grandmothers said, eyeing me over the tops of their noses; “truer words than these have never been spoken.” “Yes, Grandmothers,” I replied as I took this in, my eyes fastened on them.
“At least once each day, turn within yourself and focus on the earth of your body (the mass of it, the minerals within all your parts), the water in your veins and blood, the air in your breathing and the life fire in your heart. Bless and give thanks to each one of them and do this slowly, one element at a time. 
“All life on earth, including you, is made up of these four elements. So, turn within, thank and salute each one of them. Each time you perform this simple act, you will lift your planet. Balance within/balance without,” they explained. “’Nothing rests. Everything is in motion.’ When you do this,” the Grandmothers said,
“you are putting the Hermetic Principle into action. 
      As above, so below.
     As below, so above.”
“We will continue to teach you how you can help restore balance to your beloved planet,” they said. “This is the work you came to earth to do, and this work will be
on-going. Begin it now by taking the time to, one at a time, focus on the four basic elements of life. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Focus on them within your body.
We will do the rest, and more will follow.”
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at 1:00 Pacific Time.
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~ The Net of Light Team ~



With our fevered planet erupting in fires here in Western North America, our relationship with Earth is similar to that with our own bodies. Dealing with illness, we can respond with prevention: taking care of ourselves with diet, nutrition, lowering stress, meditation, time in nature, etc. and thereby prevent many illnesses. Or, maybe, we have mild symptoms and immediately treat ourselves with extra rest, selected herbs, and other harmonious interventions, and we get well; our affliction was mild. Perhaps we’ve come out of it with a new, healthier lifestyle. 
But sometimes we ignore the weakness, chills, aches, pains, nausea, loneliness, anxiety, depression and fear and just try to keep on going. This may work for a while, but eventually we are bound to feel the sheer exhaustion of it all, this life of struggle against the truth of our bodies. We may collapse with a fever.
We’ve been long warned by the Earth, given symptoms and signs: fewer fish, warming seas, dying trees, vanishing species. Unfortunately, despite groundswells of appeal from much of humanity, our governments, especially here in the United States, have not focused on preventing the climate emergency from becoming worse. Now, California, Oregon, Washington and other western states burn. The fever is running high. Like our sick bodies, the systems of earth, water, fire, and air are out of balance. 
It seems like collapse, but maybe it is only that the cure requires more drastic medicine?  It doesn’t mean there can’t be a cure for us. In the case of our bodies, we may rest in bed, fast, drink tea, take medicines or herbs. And one day, we may wake up feeling better.  In the case of Gaia and our relationship to her—what we do is not everything, but what we do does have an influence, a big impact. Much bigger than we think.
Perhaps this climate crisis will evolve us to a fundamentally different lifestyle. We can live differently and bring our garden world back to vibrant health! We’ve all shown we can radically alter our behaviors, the way the whole world slowed driving and flying in a matter of days. I can’t guarantee this is totally possible, given tipping points and how bad it seems now. But the Earth is big, conscious, intelligent, and so mysterious that we don’t know her capacities.  What she’s already created is beyond imagining—butterflies and whales???
We don’t know how Gaia will respond, but we can open the doors of our imagination to envision myriad paths to a constantly renewed and ever evolving web of life. Envisioning green, wild, well-springs and small, local gardens everywhere. Increased global tree planting.  Using less, cherishing more, learning from our indigenous elders and the alive growing world. I’m going to keep heading towards that dream in all the ways I can.
~ Ellen Davidson, in the Redwood forests of Northern California
little p.s. from Sharon: 
   Bless yourself and as you do, bless the earth. 
   Bless the earth and as you do, bless yourself.