May 7, 2020 The Beauty of a Woman

May 7, 2020 The Beauty of a Woman
Art by Claudia Olivos
The Beauty of a Woman,
poem from Wisconsin
We are women and we are strong and we are
beautiful.  We are the daughters of a thousand 
generations past and a thousand generations to come.
We are soft and silent, powerful and moving.  And as we breath so does the wind blow.  And as we cry so does the river run.  And as we heal so does the Mother Earth heal.  We are women and we are strong and we are beautiful.
We have the precious gift of giving life and we are blessed with healing powers.  We love and those who are in our lives are touched by this.  We laugh and joy spreads throughout the land. We make love and our lovers become weak with pleasure.  And there is nothing, no – nothing that can stop the Abundance of the Universe from flowing through our bodies to reach
out to all who enter our lives.  
We are women and we are strong and we are beautiful.  And today, we have begun the journey homeward – to peace and love and joy like we’ve never known.  Never again will our children be afraid of dying by someone else’s hand.  Never again will our Mother be poisoned through carelessness and greed and, never again will the power of hatred rise above the power and strength of Universal Love.  
We are women and we are strong and we are beautiful.  We are the threads of light which feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless.  We are the threads of light which open our hearts to the Abundance of Universal Love, Light and Healing and by doing so change the fate of our worlds. 
We are the threads of light which choose to love instead of hate, laugh instead of cry, have courage instead of fear, and choose to make a difference, a positive difference in this world.  
For we are Women and we are Strong and we are Beautiful.
                          ~ Kathy L. Bryant
                              *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Beth Gatchell was inspired to write this song while attending a Net of Light Gathering in Ohio.
Stars in the Net of Light
Stars in the Net of Light
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The Net of Light in Nepal,
letter from Germany
“I was still fairly new to the Grandmothers and their books, when I traveled to Nepal and found myself in a hair-raising situation.  We visited in 2016, one year after the horrendous earthquakes, and while the weather should have been good, it rained, and rained, and rained.  This made already bad roads worse and what would have been a ‘white-knuckle-ride’ in good conditions (what we were prepared for and had been through many times before), turned into a nightmare that left deep scars in my psyche.  We had waterfalls rushing onto the road, roads that had gotten completely washed away, and since the earth was still unstable after the earthquakes, there were many landslides.  And during much of that part of the trip there was to our right the wildest raging river I have ever come across, thundering through the gorge.  It was clear that we’d be lost if we couldn’t stay on what used to be our track, but had to move forward. 
Before starting the second day of this nightmare, I was standing near the river, listening to it scream and thunder, and watching it hurl itself down the narrow valley and I was praying, praying, PRAYING. 
And all of a sudden I felt, I ‘understand’ Yin.  Yin is the riverbed that just IS.  No matter how much water, no matter how big the torrent, no matter how wild the water is — the riverbed holds the water.  She is strong and equanimous.  To me that water was Yang.  And they need each other to BE what they ARE. 
And does the water shape the riverbed or the riverbed the water? They need each other to be a river and a riverbed, otherwise they are NOT. 
I had more terrible times to come on that trip, but I am here to tell the tale and to thank the Grandmothers for this insight (even though I could do with less spectacular situations to GET IT). 
Love, Nicole”