April 17, 2020 Choose for Yourself a Deep Grounding in Calm

April 17, 2020 Choose for Yourself a Deep Grounding in Calm
Choose for Yourself a Deep Grounding in Calm

Some friends today asked if there was any news from the Grandmothers.  “I haven’t asked them for anything,” I said, “but I will.”  So, as soon as they left, I did, and this is what they said.  
“Calm is the greatest gift of this hour.  Calm.  Amid the agitation of this crisis that has come upon humanity, choose for yourself a deep grounding in calm and drop into that,” they said.  “Choosing to ground yourself in calm will hold you steady throughout this storm that has arrived.  Drop into contact with the earth now and let Mother Earth hold you.
“She is not frantic nor is she agitated.  She simply IS, and always your Mother supports you.  She holds and supports life everywhere.  Let her hold you now,” they said.  “Think of Her beauty.  Look at Her and if you are not where you can see Her, see Her in your mind’s eye.  Reflect on her peaceful presence,” the Grandmothers said, “and if you can, go outside and feel Her touch on your skin.  Sit on the grass, run your hand through the water, touch a tree or feel the breeze against your skin.  Nature is here for you … always,” they said, with peaceful smiles on their faces.  “No matter what, She is here. 
“So, breathe with Her.  Sit, stand, or lie on Her body and simply breathe. Breathe deep and with each breath you take, invite Her in.  Feel Her presence and let Her into your mind and heart.  You belong to Nature,” they said.  “She is your Mother; She is your friend.  You are part of Her and She will always care for you.  Let Her,” they said.
“The world is in mad disarray now but Mother is calm.  She is green and welcoming … always.  She loves the plants, animals, minerals and you, even you, poor harried, human being.  Let your worrying, agitated self now take a seat quietly on Her lap and simply receive what She has to give.  With your Mother, you will never come away empty, with your Mother you will never feel alone.  Rest in Her,” they said, “rest.
“This is the most valuable thing you can do at this time,” the Grandmothers said.  “Resting with Her will restore you.  We are joining ourselves with Her to hold you now.”
 To learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org 
Letter from a Man in the Netherlands
“I want to share something about the last Gathering in the Netherlands,” he said.  “First of all, I, and my wife decided to start a new Net of Light group again. We did that years ago but somehow it faded out, but now I strongly feel the call again and I’m very happy that she wants to join in because without her, I can’t do it.  And that has to do with the experience I had at the Gathering — the position of men in this work.
“This morning we sat on the couch and did the Stone Circle meditation in the Grandmothers’ second book.  I asked about the place of men in the Grandmothers’ work and they showed me the following.  I saw myself, both at the Gathering and again today, as an eagle and the Grandmothers invited me to take my place in between them.  (I still do not know what that means.)  Then there was a spiral movement of many eagles, whirling and whirling till nothing was left, just a blank sky.  And then all kinds of men appeared — all of them in full armour.  Wars and battles throughout history: in Europe, in Roman times, the Indians, etc.  I felt the pain of those battles then and it seemed that the men were stuck in this pain. 
“After this scene, all the men came into the Circle of Stones with me and together, we were embraced by the Grandmothers.  And as the Grandmothers held us, slowly our armour started to melt until we were at last freed from the burden of battle.  It was clear that we no longer wanted that burden.  Now we men could be ourselves again and, in the end, we formed one circle of men and women with the Grandmothers.
This is what I also experienced at the Dutch Gathering: it was a warm, cosmic yin bath given by the women.  It was joy to be in it and I felt the melting in me start from the very beginning of the weekend and then go on and on.  In that melting and softening process I felt a new manhood arise in me — as I also felt at the 2011 Gathering.  I felt myself lining up — firm, steady, fearless, and gentle — with an open heart. 
So, as the Grandmothers showed me, we men need the women to help us melt so the true male nature can arise again.  In 2011 my role as a man was not perfectly clear to me yet but now it is: we simply have to surrender to the feminine (yin) energy.  That might be frightening for some men but the gift we get back is enormous.  We get back our true masculine energy as it is meant to be.  Without women we stay stuck in the old patterns of yang energy that is always pushing forward on its own.  I experienced that as soon as I was in contact with that true man nature — which stands on its own in that ‘yin bath,’ I did not feel less or more than the women, but felt together with them.  Each of us was playing our role as we were meant to, each of us serving the whole.
So, thank you women, thank you, Grandmothers, for this great gift.  And special thanks to my wife for starting a group with me again so we can do something for men and women in this world.”