Do You Have Something Better to Do?

Do You Have Something Better to Do?
“Pay attention!” the Grandmothers said, “we have something to tell you,” and I took in a quick breath and sat up straight.  “You think the times you’re living in now, these times of change are difficult.  Well, they are,” they said and I nodded mutely.  Then they paused a moment as if considering before saying more.  “You are living in difficult times,” they affirmed, “but what you are seeing today is only a prelude to even greater change.   More is coming,” they said, “much more.”  And when I heard this, for a moment I stopped breathing.


“You need to steady and ready your heart,” they said as they fastened their eyes on mine.  “You need to become accustomed to living from that still, center point inside you.  We are there,” they nodded, smiling at me encouragingly.  “We sit in that quiet place within.  There we wait for you and there we will hold and enfold you.  Always,” they said, their voices filled with love.  “Get used to turning to us.  Anchor in,” they said.  “It’s time to make turning to this place within yourself a regular part of life.  Tuning in to us or to any form of the Divine you love is the most important thing you can do at this time.
“Become a Beacon of Light,” the Grandmothers urged, “steady and immovable.  Anchor light and love wherever you go and be aware of this connection all day long.  Do it consciously and do it constantly.   A n d…,” they drew out the word, “because of your oneness with the Net of Light, because of who you are and all that you have become, you can do this for others too.  You can do it for those who aren’t yet able to trust the great power that lies within them.  Each time you yourself drop into contact with the Divine, you provide a way for others to also reach God.  Your open heart makes an access point for everyone in your life.  When your heart is open to the Divine, love automatically flows to you and through you.  Flows to everyone you think of, to everyone and everything you see.   You provide an open door for love to walk through…and it does,” they crowed.   “It works like what you would call ‘magic’.
You can provide this loving link for others, and we urge you to do it.  Do it now!” they said.  “Don’t dawdle about, distracting yourself with unimportant things” the Grandmothers said, wagging their fingers at me.  “Don’t put off this critical work while you chase after one thing or another.  The time for you to BE the powerful one you are is now,” they said.  “We’re calling you to it.
“Did you think this deep longing in your heart was born for nothing?” they asked and I stared at them.  “How did they know about this longing inside me?”  Shaking their heads at my lack of understanding, they said, “All your life you’ve longed to be of service.  All your life you’ve longed for God.  Well,” they said, “here we are and here you are.   We stand with you; we are ready to help you fulfill the purpose for which you were born.  To anchor light for yourself and others.  Why not?” they asked, and I noticed they were so intense that their hands were fisted on their hips and they were almost glaring at me.  Then they asked, “Do you have something better to do?” 
If you’d like to be part of this joyful ‘work’ with the Grandmothers, contact us at   We spread the Grandmothers’ message and teach others how to work with the Net of Light, which is holding the earth during these most unsteady times. There’s no charge for this.