January 23, 2018, Do Not Add to the Clatter

January 23, 2018, Do Not Add to the Clatter
Grandmothers,” I said, “Right now there’s a lot of ugliness, hatefulness and meanness in the world.  Cruelty and selfishness are running rampant.  If this were an actual storm, we would be the trees being blown one way and then the other.  Muck is flying around in the wind and still we want to be Beacons of light, to hold firm and steady and do the most good we can given these times.  Practically speaking,” I emphasized the words to get their attention, “how can we be Beacons in this dark time?
As I spoke, the Grandmothers heads came around so fast, they actually snapped.  “Yes!” they said, “but stand FOR truth, stand FOR life, stand FOR yourself.  Stand tall and be counted.  Do not add to the clatter.  Do not add to the rat race,” they said, emphasizing their words so I wouldn’t misunderstand them.  “Stand!” they commanded again.  “Stand up and stand for truth.”   Whew! I exhaled — long and loud.
“Speak out at the right time,” they said.  “Do not beat the drum or try to draw attention to yourself, but when the time is right, speak out.  Then you will be heard.  There is too much noise now,” they said, heads shaking.  “Much turmoil while many are trying to grab attention.  Many are seeking self importance,” they said, their voices heavy with disgust.  “Don’t go there.  Walk away from that.
“B  r  e  a  t  h  e,”  they gestured, and I did.  “Remember the living things,” they said, “and breathe with them.  Breathe with Mother Nature.  Salute one another,” they said.  “Love the animals, love the trees and plants and hold one another.
Greet one another from your heart.  Bond with each other, sing and then breathe again.  Read the great truths,” they said, “the great teachers.  Share these — the truths that never change.  The underlying verities of life,” they said, “share them.  Share food and laughter,” they continued, “song, camaraderie.  Be happy in one another’s presence.  There’s love there,” they smiled.Be in the love. Turn toward the love and away from the non-loving.
“Sing ‘Oh how we love you!‘” the Grandmothers sang.  “Sing that song over and over — sing it aloud and sing it in your mind until you believe it, because that IS how we love you.  No matter how roiling the drama of the day, YOU are wrapped in our embrace and shall ever be so wrapped.  Precious loves,” they said, tears in their eyes, “we hold you to our hearts now … and always.   Remember this.”
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 1-22-18