December 22, 2017, Climate Change

December 22, 2017, Climate Change
“We want to speak to you about climate change,” the Grandmothers said.  “Inside yourself begin now to create real climate change,” they commanded. “Create there a climate of warmth, of giving, generosity, and of the expectation of good. The ability to see good wherever you look,” they emphasized. “Create that climate of change inside yourself.
“Outside you, you will find much distraction, confusion, despair, horror, horror and more horror,” they laughed ruefully. “But inside is where the real climate change occurs. It’s the only place it occurs,” they said, “and from there it spreads outward.
“Turn your focus within now and choose to accentuate the good wherever it shows itself. Express love at every opportunity and turn your mind to those things that give you a feeling of support. Call on us,” they said. “Call on the Net of Light and think of your connection with all living things. Remember how loved you are, how embraced you are by us-day and night,” they emphasized. “Unremittingly loved,”

they said, shaking their heads, tears in their eyes. “Think of that! Live in that climate. That climate is changing. It is coming into being within you. And afterwards,” they smiled serenely, “you will begin to create change without.
“But focus inward now. Do this first,” they said. “Get to know the world within you. We are waiting inside; we are there for you.” 
Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 12-22-17