December 18, 2017, Service selflessly given

December 18, 2017, Service selflessly given
“More is happening now than you are aware of. More than you need be aware of,” the Grandmothers said, “but by making yourself available for this work, you will serve the good. You will serve all beings.” Quietly, but firmly they stated, “You are not the one choosing to whom to send the Net of Light.
We are. The work we are doing together is quickening now and must become more selfless.” ‘Yes, Grandmothers,’ I replied, ‘you know what must be done. Use me however you see fit.’
They nodded, watching me with faint smiles. “Experience your inner authority,” they said. “It is time.” I looked up questioningly. ‘What does this mean?’ “Whenever you hold and uphold the Net of Light, a deepening takes place within you and within the Net, a deepening and an expansion,” they added, and regarding me seriously, said, “the sound of OM is resounding throughout your being, resounding throughout the universe.” And when they spoke the word “OM” I felt its vibration pulse in the surrounding air and inside me. The echo was so strong it began to vibrate the cells of my body.
“Your connection to the Net of Light is sending you deeper into yourself,” the Grandmothers said, “rooting you to the source of life. Today the Net of Light has become a multi-layered, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional web of light.”
Their words sent me further inward and my breathing became slower as I dived into myself. Although I was still conscious of my body, I was also aware that I was much more than this body. I could feel the vastness of my being and as I hummed with the OM and floated in the endless sea within, the Grandmothers said, “The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady and prevent its destruction. We thank you for doing this work today. It is service selflessly given and we thank you for it.”


p. 34, Ch. 3, Our Love Is Our Power, by Sharon McErlane