2016-jul-01 What We Can Do at This Time ?

2016-jul-01 What We Can Do at This Time ?

What We Can Do at This Time ?


This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net. Take your glorious place.


Grandmothers message

 Loving All/Serving All

You long to serve,“the Grandmothers said,”especially at this time of world-wide upheaval. You long to feel that
 your life has purpose. Honor this longing within yourself. This longing is sacred because it IS service that will lead you to the purpose of your life.
“Whenever you can, come together in a ‘community of the good’ where love is practiced, lauded and lived. Spend time with openhearted people. Let love live in you and pour from you. Let it flow. Spending  time with people like this will strengthen you.
“Then let your head, heart and hands move easily into active service. Give to those members of the family of life who need this love. Give to people, to animals, to the waters, to the earth and to your own dear self. Let kindness be your first response, let goodness and generosity fill your heart. You were born for greatness,” the Grandmothers said. “Loving all and serving all IS greatness.

101 Year Old Woman

My friend Mae, who has received the Grandmothers’ Empowerment and comes to our Net of Light meetings, was talking on the phone to her 101yr old mother who lives on the east coast.
Her mother is coherent, of sound mind, but now finds herself surrounded by otherworldly spirits. She told Mae she has no words to describe what she sees, other than
“A golden net is around me, in front of me, its like a fish net, golden with light”.
How lovely is that!  Mae told her Mom it was the Net of Light. I asked Mae if she had introduced the Net to her mother and family back east but she hadnt…It is just there.  So life affirming…
Love, Laura

Grandmothers Gatherings
Salt Fork State Park Lodge, Ohio
September 30-Oct 2, 2016
 “Let a great reconciliation take place within the center of the United States. An Ancestral, racial and cultural healing to free the past, present and the future. You have suffered long enough from separating one group of people from another. Today we call you to move into the One Love.” –the Great Council of the Grandmothers
  • Join the earth to the the Net of Light to heal old wounds.
  • Connect with the ancestors of the light
  • Harmonize relationships to mend wounds of individuals, cultures, races, and nations.
If you feel called to be part of this service to yourself, your family, your country, and the family of life, please come.
For more information and to register for this Gathering  click here

Book quote
Whenever humanity grows tired of contraction, grows tired of a steady diet of fear and dread, it’s ready to live with an open heart, no matter what. Then the heart of the human race opens. This changes everything…
You can be sure that a new wind has begun to blow. It will blow away contraction, control and mean-spiritedness of every kind….
Take every opportunity to love. Be the walking prayer we’ve told you that you are. Living in love is your true nature. You are the light within the Net. So claim your birthright, it is time! 
p. 134 , Casting the Net, Sharon McErlane . Painting: Francene Hart


Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak