2016-may-01 The Big Lift

2016-may-01 The Big Lift


This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net. Take your glorious place.”

You are in the process of becoming more than you have ever been.” –p. 138, Casting the Net, Sharon McErlane
I was talking to the Grandmothers when I suddenly felt warmth at the center of my body and with it, a sense of happy expansion. As I relaxed and allowed myself to widen into it, I noticed that I was bathed in light. Pink, gold, blue, and white lights were dancing together, weaving patterns in the air and lifting me. Enfolded in these colors, up and up I rose, and when at last I got over my surprise at what was happening, I looked around and saw that I wasn’t alone. Everyone I knew was rising up with me. We were all part of this movement.
Then the Grandmothers spoke. “At this time while the energy on earth is changing, those of you who stay connected to the Source will sense this lifting. You will experience a rising expansion and as you rise, you will draw thousands of others with you.”
Staying connected to the Source during these difficult times will create a higher and higher vibration for you,” they explained. “And this high vibration will form a updraft, one that’s able to lift energy. Wherever there is ‘high’ energy, the updraft created by it will cause elevation.”
 “At this time many people have made a commitment to keep themselves tuned to the Divine, no matter what!  This decision is enabling them to hold their vibration high. More and more of you are doing this.”
Here is how it works,” they explained. “Everything is energy. You are energy, we are energy, everyone is energy. When people call on us or call on any form of the Divine, they energetically connect to the Net of Light that supports life on earth. The Net then lifts them and lifts everyone with whom they’re linked. Your connection to the Source allows those linked with you to also benefit.  This divine connection is potent and today the growing reach of the Net of Light is enabling hoards of people to lift up. Animals too,” they affirmed. “All forms of energy are rising and expanding.”
This upward movement includes low frequency energy as well. What you think of as negative energy is also rising–surfacing from the depths,” they laughed. “As this heavy energy comes to the surface you see violence, hate, and fear popping up all over the world. But do not worry,” the Grandmothers said, wrapping their arms around me, “even these difficult forms of energy will be affected by the updraft.  These energies are rising from a lower place, but, like everything else, they too will benefit.
As I gazed at the Grandmothers, I felt so grateful to receive this message. Grateful to know why our world is in such a mess and grateful to know how we can be of assistance. “Staying tuned is the key,” I muttered,“staying tuned to the Source.” And as I thought about this, again I felt that warmth within me, felt something greater than my small self moving me upward. Lifting, lifting. Lifting me, lifting others, lifting everything.
Nothing is a mistake, nothing is wasted. Each good thought, each happy moment, every loving service–all contribute to this elevation. And energy is rising now all over the globe. Of course few people are aware of it. We’ll never see it in the news, but this inexorable movement upward is happening. Present everywhere, at every moment. It’s in you right now.

Grandmothers Gatherings
Salt Fork State Park Lodge, Ohio
September 30-Oct 2, 2016
 “Let a great reconciliation take place within the center of the United States. An Ancestral, racial and cultural healing to free the past, present and the future. You have suffered long enough from separating one group of people from another. Today we call you to move into the One Love.
–the Great Council of the Grandmothers
The Grandmothers’ message is a return to balance between feminine and masculine, a respect for the underlying unity of life. We will work within the Net of Light as the Grandmothers guide us past the superficial boundaries of nationality, time and space. Our goal is healing, our reach will be broad.
By linking with the Ancestors, we will heal the past and in so doing, heal the present. We will connect the lands where we gather within the Net of Light to begin reconciliation on many dimensions.
  • Join the earth to the the Net of Light to heal old wounds.
  • Connect with the ancestors of the light
  • Harmonize relationships to mend wounds of individuals, cultures, races, and nations.
If you feel called to be part of this service to yourself, your family, your country, and the family of life, please come.
For more information and to register for this Gathering, click here

Book quote
Each of you has an important part to play at this time in history, so stay connected with us, with each other and with the Net of Light. Hold to Truth. 
No matter what ugly mask fear will wear on any given day, don’t let it fool you. Your job is to stay in the Light. 
Each time you do that you help us and you help anyone. 
We thank you for your true, true hearts.
p. 123, Casting the Net, Sharon McErlane 


Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak