Sharon:  Welcome.  Welcome to you, each and every one.  It’s good to be together again.  Today we have another coming together with women from around the world.  We will be sharing together, opening our hearts more and more.  That is our desire, that we may open our hearts, and you may feel that joy of your own heart opening.


Demonstration: “How to navigate on the Net of Light Website to find a local Net of Light meeting”:  Nadia den Aantrekker


Net of Light Meditation:  Christine Shand


Song:  Sharon

Blessed am I

Freedom am I

I am the infinite within my Soul!

I have no beginning and I have no end

All this I am!


Sharon asks, can you take delivery of this truth?  Can you know that ‘yes, all this I am’?  How much can you own this at this moment?  How much can you allow in?  5%? 80%?  Ask the Grandmothers to give you a number and remember it as your baseline today.


While the Grandmothers message is for all, about 90% of those watching and participating in these groups are women.  And this message is especially golden for women because we have great difficulty believing how great, how deep-down good we are.


Because of how it weaves in with the Grandmothers’ message at this moment in time, we are sharing the New-Year’s message from Pope Francis:


The Church is a Mother.

The Church is a woman.

And since mothers bestow life, and women keep the world, let us all make greater efforts to promote mothers and to protect women.  How much violence is directed against women?

To hurt a woman is to insult God, who from a woman took on our humanity; not from an angel, not directly from God, but from a woman.

As a woman, the church takes the humanity of her children.


Sharon: Here’s where we’ll begin.  And this is what the Grandmothers touch on in detail in their fourth book, The Return of the Mother.  It’s interesting that this is being called the Year of the Mother; I would say its time.


I would like to talk about what it is that prevents us from saying and believing “blessed am I, freedom am I, I am the infinite within my soul; I have no beginning, and I have no end, all this I am.”  It’s my experience being a human being in female form that women in particular are taught how unworthy we are; that we are not quite enough.  Men have also been taught this, but women really have been given a deep indoctrination into these lies.


I’d like to ask the panel to think about and reflect on this and ask the Grandmothers to give a read-out on where you are now in terms of feeling ‘I’m worthy, I’m enough.’  What are you dealing with, what are you struggling with?  Where are you with that right now.   We will be sharing deeply, from our hearts.  This will be a heart-to-heart learning today.


Ingvild Aultun:  I received a vision of holding my heart in my hands like this (cups her hands), protecting it, but holding and honoring it as well.  (Sharon comments on the tenderness, the sacredness.)  Yes, it feels tender.  Sometimes it feels like I have to protect myself, but this protection is with a love towards the self, to honor the self.  That is the feeling, to protect myself with love.


Jenny Treanor:  Last month my brother was diagnosed with ALS and is declining rapidly.  I pushed myself, feeling I should be able to come to the rescue.  It began to weigh heavily on me; I was not feeling the ‘effortless effort,’ because I was wearing myself out with constant prayer.  But I’m learning to hand it over when I get into the panic mode, remembering I am not in charge, and the Grandmothers have us all.  When I can step out of my panic, and begin trusting, I can bring the love, the Medicine Woman that I am, with an open heart.  And that myself, my heart, will be enough.  Effortless effort is beautiful, like Jesus said, ‘my burden is light,’ but WOW, it’s so hard to walk. It is hard to surrender the burden, to surrender control.  But now, I morph the fear into trust.  


Phyllis Peacock:  I think that describes beautifully this power in being that I have always turned away from.  I got a humorous image of myself as a highway — a flow of being – with an unusually high number of rest-stops where I pull out and evaluate: “it’s not possible that it’s this easy, it’s not possible that I could just be,” and then I come back to this quiet flow.  It made me laugh.  And there is a yearning to trust the being.  (Sharon:   That’s so beautiful.  And that yearning will take you right where you want to go.)


Christine Shand:  I love what each of you say, because we all experience something similar.  What I heard within my own heart when you asked the question, was “Don’t Hold Back.  Don’t Hold Back.”  And I was thinking how I am holding back?  I realized that over the years I had accumulated a lot of knowledge, and I have sought and found much in that knowledge.  But now I find its time to just be still and to listen to who I really am, so I can be that full expression and not hold back. 


And I had a wonderful experience this week which was a big lesson for me; it made me laugh and I hope it will make you laugh too.  I was out on my daily walk, and I was observing everything around me and being one with the trees and one with the breeze and one with everything that I experience.  And I walked to an area where there was quite a large park, which was quite open.  But there was a copse of trees and bushes, and beside that a picnic table and chairs.  So, I thought I would just sit for a little and rest.  As I’m sitting there looking at the ants on the ground and thinking, yes, that’s part of the Net of Light, and I could see the water from where I was and yes, I’m in the Net of Light, and then all of a sudden two little girls appeared out of the bushes and came and sat on the table beside me, and chattered away as little girls do, and we introduced ourselves and they had a little dog whose name was Rufus.  Rufus took up sitting on my feet.  And all of this chatter was going on.  It came time to leave, and I thanked the girls for sharing about their Christmases and families, and when I walked away, Rufus came after me.  The oldest girl who was about 12, called after me and said, “Rufus, you have to come with us, you can’t go with that Grandmother.”  (Laughter) It filled my heart, and I thought, ‘we have to listen to the ordinary, to everything that happens in our ordinary life to really hear the wisdom.’  So that was my blessing and my gift from the Grandmothers.


Sharon:  Thank you.  It’s wonderful to see how you all weave this love and the Net of Light together, how in effortlessly coming together like this the Net of Light is woven stronger, between this group right now and in every group that ever comes together with this purpose in mind. 


And because it’s the new year and we are just going into an unknown time, I’d like us all to bless each other.  First, the four on this online teaching and then all who are joining us.  I would like us all to have the experience of what it’s like to channel the Net of Light for one another.


So, we begin:  Ingvild spoke first.  So, let’s all think now of sending that radiant light in our hearts that channels out through our hands to Ingvild.  Her discovery was how the protection for her heart was this love, so we ask that this be magnified for her and for all who resonate with her in this way, that this great magnification of love within and around the heart take place.  And because we do this work always in, through and at one with the Net of Light, this work is taking place for Ingvild and for millions of others who resonate to this desire for this encasement of love around and within the heart.  And we ask that this goes on and on until it is complete.


For Jenny, you had very difficult news about your brother, suffering the way he is, and your feeling of wanting to rescue and help however you might.  Through our hearts and hands now pour this calming, embracing, totally filling energy of light of the Net of Light, filling you with all goodness, and with the knowledge and the understanding that from you at every moment, whether you’re thinking of it or you’re not, radiant light is flowing.  You’ve said yes to the divine.  You’ve said yes to the Net of Light.  You only need to say it once, and you’ve said it, so it is now flowing to you and through you to everyone who needs it, seamlessly and effortlessly.  And that will go on and on until that too is complete.


And Phyllis, you are wanting to be in that flow and not be standing back in those rest stops judging yourself.  So, let all light pour into you now, filing your heart, filling your very being with light, on and on, within that flow which never ends, that river of light, that river of love of which you are a part.


Christine, the great joy you had there of discovering the pleasure of being loved and being loving as the Grandmother in life, in that part of life that you’re living in now, that many of us are living in now, and that joy, an awakening of light that just floods into you, ongoing, ever ongoing, because the Grandmothers have promised that our capacity to give and receive love will grow ever greater and we’ve experienced that and we’re not done yet.  It will keep coming.


And now we think of all of you, all our family of light here together today, and we ask that through our hearts and through our hands, your heart’s desire come to you:  greatest love, peace, joy, acceptance, and goodness flood you and continue to fill and flood you until you are full to overflowing.  And let this go on and on forevermore.


I’m going to sing the song we began with today, and as I do, take a look inside yourself and see how much of this you are able to take ownership of now.  How much you are able to accept the truth of it.  And you can ask the Grandmothers to teach you how to soften so that you can receive even more.  They’re so happy to do that.


Blessed am I,

Freedom am I,

I am the infinite within my soul.

I have no beginning and I have no end.

All this I am.