Summary: Online Teaching, January 10th, 2021

Summary: Online Teaching,  January 10th, 2021

Think of your own heart radiating throughout the Net of Light, bonding us all to one another.

Our Online Teaching today is more experiential in nature, a meditation in the moment instead of the Grandmothers explaining things. So, it cannot be fully captured in words.
After Christine Shand, RC for Australia, leads a Net of Light meditation, Sharon discusses the concept the Grandmothers gave of Yin the great container, which holds everything — everything good and bad — in a vast love.  This is the hallmark of the Feminine Principle.  From our empowerment into the power of yin over time, we will become more and more familiar with this as our home place.
Sharon then proclaims: “we are called to stand steady” during these extremely turbulent times, and announces we would go deep inside in a special guided meditation. She emphasizes that over her life, whenever she has most longed for a connection to the Divine (be it Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Sai Baba, or any other form of the divine), she receives the message to “go here now,” with “here” being within her own sacred soul center.
And so, the meditation is initiated, where all present are asked to go within to their center … be it the heart-space, the solar plexus, wherever it feels right. There, the Grandmothers are, and there, we release and continue to release all the worries, the thoughts, the crud that have us spinning. We allow these thoughts and feelings to rise, like smoke, and be breathed in by the Grandmothers. All is transmuted into a deep everlasting peace. The process repeats, on and on. We expand; soften, perhaps as a great tree goes deep into its roots, or as a deep lake drops down into the depths.
We are asked to notice how our bodies feel. 
Peggy Huddleston (Alabama) is then asked to share her own experience with the meditation. She describes her own desire to only give the nicer things to the Grandmothers, but realizes that the Grandmothers accept ALL, and have no judgment. She ends feeling a great cleansing, while gently rocking in her seat.
Phyllis Peacock (Northern California) then shared her personal experience of entering a dark cave of her inner soul, where it expands, becomes solid and then she was overflowing with gratitude. 
Sharon emphasizes that we share these experiences much in the same way as we share this work. We do not do things ALONE. This is why the Grandmothers came as the Grandmothers …. more than one being. We too are meant to come together and co-facilitate one another within the embrace of the Net of Light. All is done throughout the Light, and all is done together as one. 
We all matter. So remember, we are called together to do this blessing work. 
Think of your own heart radiating throughout the Net of Light, bonding us all to one another.