Summary: Online Teaching, December 27th, 2020

Summary: Online Teaching, December 27th, 2020

“We will NOT see the earth destroyed.

This is why we have come, and

why we’ve given you the

Net of Light.”

The Grandmothers JOLTED me the other day, reminding me of the urgency of the work they’ve called us together to do. “Much relies on the work you do,” they said — “the Online Teachings, the Earth Balance Response Team, zoom meetings, study circles — everything you do with and through the Net of Light. You,” they pointed to all of us, “are needed now to anchor and magnify the Net of Light on earth.”
Many of us are accustomed to working with the Net of Light, and have come to understand that we are connected in this web of love and light all the time. And because we are, we can do an inordinate amount of good. Recently we’ve been working with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether to activate a connection and move into oneness with them for our own healing and the healing of the planet. The Grandmothers say, “We will NOT see the earth destroyed. This is why we have come and why we’ve given you the Net of Light.”
No matter how we work to heal ourselves and our relationships, whether we pray the Gayatri Mantra, the Ho’Oponopono, study the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, or whatever sacred work we’re doing, we are at the same time working with the Net of Light. And whenever we are connected in the Net of Light, all prayer becomes magnified. 
You may think of yourself as a tiny point of light, a little five-watt light bulb flickering, but when you plug into the Net of Light, it takes that little amount of light of yours and blasts it throughout the universe. So, your prayers, your intentions, do inordinate good. And the more often you think of the Net of Light, fall into oneness with it through singing, chanting, praying or whatever clues you into the Being of Light that you really are, you magnify the Net of Light. The Grandmothers say, “The power of the Net of Light to anchor light on earth grows enormously each time you perform what you think of as one of the ‘small things.’ They are not small.”
The other day I listened to a podcast by Bruce Lipton, respected biologist and epigeneticist, and he talked about the times we are living in and said life on earth is once again on the cusp of destruction. Life on earth has been destroyed five other times and he went on to say that during two of those times when life on earth was destroyed, the ‘web of light’ (our Net of Light), was also destroyed. 
The Grandmothers have told us: “Hold the Net of Light steady because this is what will hold your planet steady during the times of change that are upon you.” So, when I heard Lipton say the ‘web of light’ had been destroyed twice before, I felt the urgency of the Grandmothers’ call to step forward and hold the Net of Light steady now. The Grandmothers have said, “We will NOT see the earth destroyed,” and that is why they’ve given us the Net of Light. This is the work we have come together to do. It’s our job.
Could this be more clear?
According to Lipton, the web (Net) of light is a lot like the connective tissue or fascia that holds our bodies together. It holds the body of the earth together and holds us together too, penetrates not only earth, water, air, fire, and ether, but also our physical, emotional, and mental selves. 
Today everything on earth is rocking and rolling like crazy. Society is shaken, the environment is in crisis, and the pandemic is ravaging. And because now we are no longer able to tune outward and distract ourselves, we must live lives of isolation and inward pursuit. This is no accident. “You are being called to the depths of your being,” the Grandmothers say, and, should you need further verification, they also say, “Nobody comes to this work unless we call them.” 
And so, to the beloved Grandmothers and to one another, we say, “Yes!” 
We are one within the Net of Light, one within in this great embrace of love. We are held, cherished, rocked and blessed in love—always. May the Net of Light reach throughout our planet now, throughout the universe, blessing and anchoring deeply, throughout all land masses and the cosmos itself. May all be held in love—all waterways, minerals, plants, animals, and humans. We ask that every being be blessed and held in light and that our beloved Mother Earth be held in light. That the highest good pour forth from our hearts now to one another, forming a confluence of blessing that flows outward and then washes back in. We ask that these waves of love and blessing fill and lift everything that lives. 
May everyone in all the worlds be happy.