Be Curious About Who You Are

Be Curious About Who You Are
“Be yourself,” the Grandmothers said to me.  “Be free.  You are enough.  Just as you are,” they pointed to my heart, “you are enough.  You were not created to be ‘good’, to be ‘perfect‘, or to be anything but what you are.  There are flowers without number in the garden of life,” they said, smiling as they floated their palms up into the air.  “The rose is designed to be a certain way,” they pantomimed, “the daisy another, and you — you are designed to be you.  Only you.
“We’ve noticed that you spend a lot of time finding fault with yourself,” they said.  “It seems you’ve been so conditioned to look for ‘flaws’ that you hammer and pick at yourself relentlessly — as if self-judgment and criticism will mould you into some sort of perfection.  There’s no point in this,” they said, shaking their heads.  “You were created to be    There is nothing wrong with you so there is nothing to ‘fix.‘  Trust what’s inside you,” they said.  “Trust the template of goodness at your core.  It is embedded in your cells. 
“You are love; you are love walking around inside a physical form,” they declared, their faces lit with happiness.  “At the center of your being and at every moment of your life you are at one with the Source.  You are not a mistake.  Perish the thought!” they laughed.  “Besides, there are no mistakes!” they declared. “You’ve been formed to be exactly what you are and we assure you that we delight in you.
“Over your lifetime you’ve been told many lies,” they said, shaking their heads slowly.  “One of them is that you are not complete as you are but must ‘change’ yourself.  You must ‘work on’ yourself.  This is absurd,” they said.  “Not true.  You must get to know yourself,” they said, heads nodding sagely. “That part is true.  And in order to really get to know yourself you must be brave.  Willing to look at all aspects of your personality, your abilities and your karma.  You have to do this if you’re going to learn,” they said.
“So stop judging yourself and instead be curious about who you are.  There is much for you to learn, much to look at, get to know, accept and embrace.  But there is no conscious ‘changing’ or ‘work’ required.
“We ask you to be open to your own being, to be interested in the one that you are and be willing to discover that one. Discover THAT particular flower,” they said, again pointing to me -“the one you are.  And while you’re in the process of discovery,” they said, “let yourself begin to bloom a little.  It’s time,” they smiled.

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image: ~ Georgia O’Keefe, White Trumpet Flower, 1932