We Help Ground You at the Bedrock of Your Being

We Help Ground You at the Bedrock  of Your Being


I went to the Grandmothers after a few days of challenges and disappointments.  I needed shoring up.  “If there’s something for me to learn right now, Grandmothers, about the value of this work with you,” I said, “I ask to be shown that now.  I’m asking this for myself and I’m asking so I can share it with others too — to hearten me and hearten them.”


“You’ve seen the value of this work,” they said, raising their eyebrows as they looked hard at me, “seen it over and over again. It teaches women and men the importance of the Feminine Principle, the power of yin that lives within them.  And it teaches them how to awaken this powerful principle.
“The work we bring takes people beyond what they’ve previously understood,” the Grandmothers said, watching to make sure I was following.  “It does this by bypassing the blockages to communication that came about from an increasingly yang-based, competitive society.  Our work teaches people how to communicate at a different and a deeper level.  It teaches how to live from a place of depth, a foundational place that isn’t easily rocked or disturbed by the continuous onslaught of yang energy.  The work we bring builds communion,” they said; “it works with the heart.  It creates deep receptivity.  We are speaking here of communion with the Divine,” the Grandmothers said, “as well as communion with one another.
“A seamless flow of love rushes forth each time you work with us, and because we’ve taught you how to use the Net of Light that cradles the cosmos, the reach of this love goes far and wide.  Much further than you can imagine,” they said. “You’ve worked with us for some time now, so at this point your reach is vast.  Your capacity to love and be loved is also vast and it will become greater still.
“We help ground you at the bedrock of your being and as this anchoring takes place, you begin to feel and live the oneness all the great ones express.  You feel the oneness all the teachers and the great books speak of.  You feel it and you live it because you are that oneness.  All this happens bit by bit,” the Grandmothers said, nodding slowly.  “It happens with effortless effort.  Our love flows to you, it then becomes your love, and this great love flows outward from you.”  Then they gave me a look that seemed to say “Is this enough value for you?” and added, “Over time the expanse of this love will only increase.”
The first time the Grandmothers told me about why they’d come, I cried to them, “Sign me up!”  If you feel that way too, if you’d like to be part of this joyful ‘work’, contact us at NetOfLight.org.  We spread the Grandmothers’ message and teach others how to work with the Net of Light that’s holding the earth during these most unsteady times.  There’s no charge for this work.