Your Deposit is Ready

Your Deposit is Ready
For several days I’d been troubled with digestive misery … not sleeping, unable to digest food.  I’d been fretful, anxious … altogether miserable.  Then, after a night full of napping, waking, napping, waking, when at last I realized the long night was over, the Grandmothers appeared.  “You’ve forgotten something,” they said, and I looked up in surprise. 
You made a large deposit,” they said, and I blinked, wondering if I’d heard them right.  “A deposit?”  “Yes,” they said, “a BIG deposit.  Over the years you made a deposit of goodness and loving kindness and we encourage you to start drawing on it now.”  I blinked some more and then, out of the corner of my eye glimpsed a room stacked full of money.  The room was piled so full of stacks, I couldn’t make my way through it.  But the money looked different than what we use. It was pink — pink, white and blue paper currency with gold lettering. 
“All the good you’ve done in your life, all the acts of kindness and generosity are represented here,” the Grandmothers said.  “The original good has been multiplied many times over.  Whenever you did a good deed for someone you basically invested in them.  They then passed that good feeling on to another and so it has gone,” the Grandmothers said, “on and on and on.  The gift of giving keeps right on giving.”  And when I looked back at the room I saw that it was connected to other rooms, these also piled high with currency.  I was flabbergasted and turned back to the Grandmothers who seemed quite pleased with themselves.


“When you feel bad the way you’ve been feeling lately, draw on this deposit,” they said.  “Let abundance rain down on you.  Let all the love you’ve sent into the universe return to you and bless you.  This goodness belongs to you,” they said.  “And you must claim it, because if you don’t,” they laughed, “it’ll go to waste.
“We’ll show you how to receive all this,” they said, “how to take it in.” Then they drew me into an embrace and as soon as I felt their arms close around me, waves of goodness started pouring in.  Bathing my skin in warmth, filling the aches and miseries in my body with balm.  Love coating me, flooding me.  “Ahhhh,” I groaned as the infilling went on and on.


“Let yourself receive all this,” they said.  “It will heal you, comfort and awaken you to the truth of your being.”  “Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, and closed my eyes and focused just on that.  I sat in this lovely bath of love, this downpour of goodness until finally I cried, “Grandmothers, thank you! I had no idea that …” I began, but they cut me off before I could say more.  “We know, we know,” they said, waving their hands in dismissal. “That’s why we came.”
Note from Sharon: If you are reading this, you also have a BIG deposit ready now. ‘Interest’ on all the good you’ve ever done is waiting for you. Please let yourself draw on it. And you can be assured that the Grandmothers will help you learn how to receive this great pile. What you once gave away to someone is now sitting there — just waiting for you to reclaim it.  Enjoy your riches.