There is Great Power Coming in from the Mother Now

There is Great Power Coming in from the Mother Now
I woke early in the morning to find the Grandmothers encircling me.  They were crowding in, holding me so close that our bodies were merging.  “There is great power coming in from the Mother now,” they said, and I felt the power they were speaking of.  My body was responding to it — becoming massive, spreading far into space.  And at the same time I felt a strong connection to everybody involved in the Grandmothers’ work.  “Wow, Grandmothers,” I said, “You’re not kidding.  The power you’re showing me here is tremendous.”


“The energy of the Divine Mother is different from that of the Divine Father,” they explained.  “You’re accustomed to experiencing the Father as vertical.  He’s been ‘set above’ so to speak so God the Father is a power to be worshiped and reached for.  Conversely, the Mother is here.  She is now,they said, “and at this time on earth you need the touch of the Mother.  You need her to hold you.”


“We have come,” they said, “to form a bridge to the Mother.  Before there can be a Mother there must be a Grandmother,” they laughed, “and that’s us!  We are the Grand Mothers.  Let us hold you, surround, and enfold you.  We’ll pack ourselves so tightly around you that you’ll feel the denseness of our presence.  Like a heavy comforter on a cold night we’ll enclose you in love.  Feel that!” they said and I did.  As they held me tight I felt safe, secure.  Strong, the way they are strong — that was it.  “Notice what our embrace does for you,” they said.  “The love of the Mother is not something far away.  It’s immediate, close, and touchable.  We’re right here.”
“We’re closer than breath.  In fact, when you think of us and then breathe deeply, you can feel us encasing you in love.  Our presence is real; our touch is real and as you expand into it, you’ll experience an actual increase in size.  You’ll feel bigger, wider, more vast, and you’ll feel all this because it’s true.  Each time you call us in around you and then breathe slowly, your nerve endings will relax.  They relax whenever you come into contact with us,” the Grandmothers said.  “And because you’ve allowed yourself to extend into and through us, you ARE bigger.  It’s as simple as that.  The presence of the Divine Feminine will always increase your power.  Always,” they said. “We are never far away from you.”
“Ask us for whatever you need,” they said.  “Ask, and don’t hold back. Then take the time to breathe with us and with each breath you draw in, you’ll take in all you need — rest for the body, peace for the mind. Everything you need,” they said, “everything.  Start getting accustomed to our presence,” the Grandmothers said, “and slow down.  Although the world is in a mad rush, you needn’t be.  Each time you slow down you’ll feel us with you.  You’ll grow in power and strength. “
“Let us enter into life with you,” the Grandmothers said, “so we can share our love and help make your life easier.  Let us in.”
Note from Sharon:  There is a great power coming in from the Mother.  Each time I think of the Grandmothers surrounding me I feel it.  I also feel a deep, visceral connection to everyone working with the Net of Light.  Now, when one of us is lifted, we are all lifted.  When one of us steps into courage (like Trisha, Peggy, or George), we all step in.  We are pulling each other up and up — up the ladder we climb and everyone is moving with us.  It’s the power of Love in Action, it’s the power of Unity.  We’re on our way to heights we’ve never scaled before.


Note number two, just for fun 🙂 Here are some awesome Russian grandmothers singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah click here to watch them on facebook.