Joy Multiplied

Joy Multiplied
In the last month we held two different Net of Light Gatherings — one in Pennsylvania and the other in Northern California.  Different people, but the same feeling.  Great warmth and a sense of coming home.
When I asked the Grandmothers about this they said,  “You’re at last discovering you’re not alone in this world but a part of something integral, a moving part of something wonderful.  You’re not what you’ve been told you are,” they shook their heads, “nor are you what you’ve thought you are.  You aren’t a separate entity at all,” they said, laughing at my look of surprise.  “You’re part of a flowing, growing sea of energy that’s busily moving matter in a new direction.  You’re no ‘small potato’ as you like to say, a separate someone of not much consequence.  NO!” they laughed.  “You’re the Net of Light, an eternal, endless being — greater by far than you’ve imagined.
“We’re watching you now as you make this discovery,” they said, “Many of you are coming awake at the same time, and we delight as you come upon this truth.  You’re thrilled each time you catch a glimpse of your own magnificence, and the joy you feel when you come upon this gets magnified many times over because you’re making this discovery together.  All of you feel greater happiness now,” they said, “a sense of community, a feeling of communion.  As you come together like this we watch you and see joy multiplied many times over.”  With tears in their eyes the Grandmothers said, “The happiness you feel as you awaken to this oneness is also our happiness.
“You will continue to grow like this,” they promised, “in communion with one another and with us.  You’ll continue to learn, to stretch, and be stretched.”  Smiling, they looked me over and said, “You can start looking forward to greater harmony in your life and start looking forward to more joyous times together.  We see you as you hold each other,” they said.  “We see you as you laugh together, sing together, and cry together, and we’re so happy for you, that we want to sing too.  You know the song …” they said, watching me out of the corners of their eyes.
If you’d also like to have this joy in your life, to find a group near you, go to the Meetings page of  And if you think you might like to become a Beacon on the Net of Light and start a group in your area, let us know and we will help you.   We are here for you.
Sharon and the Net of Light team