October 29, 2018, At the Still Point

October 29, 2018, At the Still Point
More than 200 Net of Light groups meet regularly around the world.  When I asked the Grandmothers about the benefit of these groups, this is some of what they said.
“When you meet, we walk among you, weave through the chairs and cushions you sit on, and touch each of you. … Many of you have been searching a long time to fill an emptiness inside, to find a place that fits. Well, this is it,” they said, and as they spoke, I saw puzzle pieces settling into their spaces. “Feel what it’s like to have found your place.
“… A place of renewal, restoration and growing power,” they explained. “When you share with one another, meditate and sing together, you create a home place, a deep home place and we will hold this place for you.  We have made it available and will hold it for all who come to be with us.  Wherever you go, we will be with you and wherever you gather, we will deepen a place for you.  Each time you meet, you will experience this resting point, this still point.
“If you have a worry, something on your mind that won’t leave you alone, let it sit in this space with you.  Don’t try to make it go away, fight it or explain it away, but let it sit.  Stay in the place we have created for you and let it sit there with you.  Everything and everyone is included in this place,” they said.  “All are embraced here.
“If there is pain or distraction in your body, let that also rest with you, welcome and included.  This is a place of deep rest, restoration and integration.  Sink into it now while we hold you and magnify its power.  It will support you and draw away everything that wears you out, everything that is not you.  This is the still point, your point of being,” they explained.
“When you come to this place it is time to rest.  And you have no idea how much goes on during this so-called time of rest,” they laughed. “Because of your culture, you think of rest as a cessation of activity.  As passive.  Passive!” they looked incredulous and laughed again.  “As opposed to active, which in your culture is god.”  Here they slapped one another on the back and dissolved in hilarity.  When they finally quieted down again, they said, “You have no idea of the great work that takes place at the still point.”
Chapter 15, p. 196-197 Our Love Is Our Power  by Sharon McErlane
If you’d like to experience this place of restoration and power and join a Net of Light group, or start one, contact us at NetOfLight.org.  We too are here for you.
Sharon and the Net of Light team