September 29, 2018, What Service Will do for You

September 29, 2018, What Service Will do for You
Service is freedom and service brings freedom,” the Grandmothers said.  “Loving service is powerful.


“Whenever you connect with others in light, whatever it is that may have previously held you back in life begins to lose its hold on you.  Each time you reach out to offer help to someone else, all that’s previously limited your Being loses its grip.  As your attention begins to pour from your heart to another living soul, energy is no longer confined to just a small circle within you but moves onward and upward in a widening ring.


“You’re part of the Net of Light,” the Grandmothers said, “and because you are, at every minute you’re fully alive and at one with all that is.  You’re not now nor will you ever be separate, so each time you actively minister to others, love naturally flows through you and through them.  When you immerse yourself in giving, We or any form of the Divine can come into you, live and breathe through you,” the Grandmothers said.  We can work through you then, and at moments like that you experience oneness with us.


“Service is the easiest path to spiritual liberation,” the Grandmothers said. “This is true because instead of energy only rotating around your own small sense of identity, it moves to a greater circuitry.  You expand when you serve and when you expand like this, you become the flow itself.  You become the One.  Then all your so-called ‘limitations’ dissolve and you experience unity with all that is.  When you’re giving, you automatically receive love.  And because love is your nature, each time you reach out to help others, you feel your own beauty.  You feel the joy of who you are.
“Seek a place where you can serve,” the Grandmothers said. 
“Seek a place where you can help.  Do this for others, but do it primarily for you.  Because each time you do this,” they laughed, “you’ll be happy. You’ll be happiness itself.
“And should you find that it’s hard for you to offer yourself in service, if you’re somehow holding yourself back, be curious about what’s discouraging you.  What’s stopping you from living in the flow of loving service?  Ask yourself, “What’s going on?” they said, “and get to know what it is that’s blocking your freedom.  You’re not weak and helpless,” they shook their heads.  “You’re magnificent! You were made for love. What you are in fact is love in action,the Grandmothers said, and added,The world today is starving for love in action.”