June, 11, 2018, “Go Beyond the Beyond”

June, 11, 2018, “Go Beyond the Beyond”
“Much is changing now,” the Grandmothers said, heads nodding slowly up and down.  “Sit loose in the saddle and keep going forward. Don’t look back, don’t bemoan the ‘losses’ of the past, and don’t strain to try to see too far up the trail.  Sit loose and easy and mosey forward.  You can trust the trajectory of your life,”they said.  “Like a steady horse, it will take you to where you need to be.  So trust it, take the ride and let it move you forward.
“People will come and go in life.  And many who will say that they are ‘friends’ will drop by the wayside.  Let that be.  Let them be.  There is nothing you need to hold onto; there is nothing to grasp.  And there is nothing that you must understand.  Know that you are venturing into new territory … going to places you’ve never been before.  Take the journey.
“Many will join in with you as you travel forward and some of them will drop behind on the trail.  Welcome them when they join you, love them while they’re with you, and when they go, bless them.  They will come and go but you — you keep your eye on the trail ahead.  You are a venturer, a voyager and it is your destiny to go forward, always forward.
“This journey is not for everyone,” they said. “It is only for certain ones.  We choose who comes to this work and believe us, we give them work to do!  So if you feel us calling you, then come!  Say ‘yes!’  You will not regret choosing the adventure.  After all, you were born to go beyond.”
And laughingly, the Grandmothers added,
Go beyond,
Go beyond the beyond,
Hail the go!”
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