March 14, 2018, Stay in the Light

March 14, 2018, Stay in the Light
“All the so-called problems in the world are fed by the energy of fear.  Fear is a greedy feeder so each time fear arises it will try to make you believe that it is the most important thing in the world.  ‘Give me ALL your attention!’  it screams. “

“When you get caught in fear, you end up feeding the negative drama that’s playing out on earth. That’s a guarantee of misery for you and others.  It is the last thing you want to do.  Fear will forever try to fascinate you with its stories, but it’s important to remember that fear has been telling and retelling the same stories for thousands of years.  Stories of ‘us and them’, stories of the battle between ‘good and evil,’ ”  they laughed.  “Just remember that underneath each one of those stories, and stretching beyond and beneath every drama on earth is the radiant Net of Light.”

“Each time one of you remembers to call on us, and on the Net of Light, those dramas are diffused,” they said.  “One person holding steady to the Net of Light takes the power out of the voracious feeding machine of fear.  So, as soon as you catch yourself holding your breath, tensing up, entertaining thoughts like ‘this is scary,’ know that fear has taken control.  Then quickly call on us.”

“The times you are living in are ripe for fear’s attempts at control, but you are wise souls.  Beautiful souls.  Each of you has an important part to play at this time in history, so stay connected with us, stay connected with one another, and with the Net of Light.  Hold to truth.  And no matter what ugly mask fear may wear on any given day, don’t let it fool you.  Your job is to stay in the light.  Each time you do that you will help us and help everyone.”  Wrapping me/us in their arms, the Grandmothers said, “We thank you for your true, true hearts.”  

from Casting the Net, Chapter 9, pages 122-123