Looking for More?

Looking for More?

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This event is running from 20 July 2023 until 20 July 2025. It is next occurring on October 20, 2023

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Please ignore above dates, they are just a place holder for us to share the below information with you.

If you are wanting ‘More’ you are welcome to join the following diverse initiatives:

Weekly conference calls:

Monday: Tree of Life meditation by Jennie Treanor
At 9 AM Pacific Time, 10 AM Mountain Time (15 Minutes) please be on time. No need to RSVP.
Please join our weekly call by calling 518-351-9874 a few minutes before the start of the meditation.
We’ll send our Root energy deep into Mother Earth and extend our Branch energy up into the skies, deepening our connections with the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

Wednesday: Net of Light meditation by Harriette McDonough
At 12:15 PM Eastern Time,  9:15 Pacific Time (15 Minutes) please be on time. No need to RSVP.
Telephone conference dial-in-number is 760-548-9989 (no access code required)
If you have trouble connecting, BACK UP NUMBER is 716-293-9726 (after prompts, dial in 760-548-9989)

Monthly events:

Online Teachings on the Net of Light: every first Sunday of the month via youtube click here for more information.

Global Net of Light Zoom meetings:

Several months ago, the Grandmothers asked us to start meeting worldwide on Zoom.   All meetings of this “Global Net of Light Zoom” will be open to all who feel the call to “be more”. We meet every 4th Tuesday of the monthThis meeting will be in English, however we will break out in smaller groups to share, which you can do in your native language if you prefer.
To receive invitations for these Global zoom meetings, please contact a Beacon-host in your area, then she can add her to her mailing list for these monthly calls.


We list ALL group meetings on the website and most of them are in person, email the Beacon-host to get more details, click here to find a group in your country or state.

There are also several Online Zoom meetings that you can join. Click here to find a list and contact the organizer.