Ghost Ranch, NM 2023

Ghost Ranch, NM 2023

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Net of Light Gathering at Ghost Ranch Retreat Center, New Mexico :  September 28 – October 1, 2023

The Great coming Together

We will come together at these beautiful power places to join humanity and Nature in a shared purpose. Together, we will anchor the Net of Light in all realms on Earth. We will work with the five elements of Earth and with the elemental beings that support Her. It’s time for “The Great coming Together,” time to reclaim the power of our Sacred Motherland. It is time for all forms of life to be treasured and upheld.
 “May everyone in all the worlds be happy
  May everyone in all the words be happy
  May everyone in all the worlds be happy”. —The Grandmothers

For additional information about Ghost Ranch and how to get there click here

Special note:  Private bath = 2 people with bathroom in room
                             Shared bath= 3-4 people share one bathroom, everyone has their own bed
                             Camping = water and electricity hookups

Arrival time is 3 pm  on Thursday and ends after lunch on Sunday

Cancellation Policy & Refunds: 
All but $25 refunded per person before June 1 2023
All but $100 refunded per person between June 1 and July 25 2023
No refunds after July 26 2023
Registration closes July 26 2023 at 23:59 pacific time
To be put on a waiting list for a bed please email Penni
 If you need to cancel and get a person to take your please please inform Penni.   If you are looking for someone to take your please  check with Penni to see if anyone is left on the waitlist.
Practical note regarding Covid:  At these Gatherings we are asking everyone to do a home test prior on the day of arrival to ensure only healthy participants.