January 29, 2020 The Trees Blessed You

January 29, 2020  The Trees Blessed You

“The Trees Blessed You”

The day after the Gatherings around the world, where we activated the Net of Light for the trees, I asked the Grandmothers if there was anything they wanted to tell us.  

“Your group at Laguna Woods did well,” they said. “Everyone pulled together and you accomplished what we asked you to do.  Many trees are now connected to the Net of Light.  Keep on going,” they said.  “Keep calling on everyone to do this work.  Each person who understands what we’re doing, who is committed to supporting this movement toward unity with Nature is needed. All of you who met yesterday were united in this task, and many more joined in with you. Yesterday, the map of the world lit up! 
“And now,” the Grandmothers said, “each of these people will carry this connection with nature.  The connection is anchored in them and they will carry it wherever they go.  From now on, wherever their eyes light, wherever their thoughts turn and their hands reach will receive this blessing from the trees,” and I looked up in surprise.  “The trees blessed us?” I said, confusion in my voice.  “Yes,” they laughed.  “You didn’t know it, but yesterday the trees blessed you!
“You thought that we’d called you together to work in service to the plant kingdom.  You thought you were doing this to help your planet, doing it to support the trees.  Well,” they said, “you were doing that, AND it was your burning desire to help the trees that opened your hearts so wide that the trees were able to fill them.  For example,” they said, “when you sat silently around that old sycamore yesterday, she linked deeply with you; she filled and blessed you.
“Many times, we have told you, ‘The moment of giving is the moment of receiving,’ and that proved true again yesterday.  As your hearts opened in prayer and as you made your offering of water to that ancient mother tree, She gave to you, and now,” they smiled knowingly and shook their heads, “you will never be the same.  You will never again be indifferent to nature in any of her forms.  You will never again feel separate from her. Yesterday she called you home, home with her.  Feel that now,” they said and I closed my eyes and turned my attention inward.  “Feel her arms around you, feel her heart wrapped with yours.  You are breathing with her,” the Grandmothers said.  “You are kin now and ever will be kin.”
Then they stood back and, holding me with their eyes, gave me a long, long look.  And, from the look they were giving me, I understood that what they were telling me now was for everyone.  “We have come into your lives,” they said, “to bring you love, to abolish fear and awaken you to the joy of a loving family.  You are part of the family of life, and because of the work you did yesterday, your family now includes all of nature.  In the days and weeks and months to come, you will begin to recognize this more and more. And this is going to make you very happy.”  Then, gazing at me with their hearts in their eyes, the Grandmothers said, “Welcome home.”

To learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org 

Animals Helping One Another in the Fires in Australia
Letter from Australia 
“We  are still getting rain.  Two nights ago we got 5 inches in 6 hours.  Some areas got 12 inches.  Our dam, that was nearly empty, is now almost full overnight.  Some of the springs that feed into it have started again.  The frogs have gone nuts and laid eggs in most of the ponds (we have 13 ponds and the dam).   Young rain-forest trees (we have done a lot of re-vegetation work here in the last 8 years) that were close to dying from lack of water have begun shooting again.  Everything, including us, is breathing a sigh of relief.  
There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Love and blessings to all of those who are holding the Net of Light for us.  It is making a difference.
On a positive note there have been no reported wombat injuries by the wildlife carers.  Their burrows go deep underground with many interconnecting tunnels.  They have been allowing other animals to shelter in the burrows with them.  There have been reports of  a wide variety of animals coming out of these holes after the fire front has passed.  Ecidna’s, reptiles, rabbits,  and even small wallabys to name a few.
Love and blessings
A Happy Wombat!

January 18, 2020 Working with Nature

January 18, 2020 Working with Nature

“At last, magic has arrived in my life”
Letter from Spain

I was watching a video about the Grandmothers and the Net of Light while standing in front of the sea and as I stood there, I saw the Net of Light while I was hearing about it!  That had a BIG impact on me.  I then got the Grandmothers’ books and read them and decided to share their work with others.  I held a gathering and it was wonderful, but here is another story.
A close relative of mine was in the hospital.  Every night with my little child, we sent light to him.  One night, after a trip to the forest, a really special, majestic forest located in a volcanic place, I connected myself to the Net of Light then connected myself to that forest, sending the oxygen from the trees there and the harmony and healing properties of that forest to the relative sick in the hospital.  And after a few weeks I read the Net of Light message asking us to work with the trees!
I feel gratitude for this way that is opening in front of me now.  I feel alive, I feel full and I think that at last magic has arrived in my life.  I know that surely this is the way I must follow, the way I want to follow.
I am smiling,  Ali
Please link with us on January 25 when we link the trees to the Net of Light. And, to learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org 
The tree below illustrates a song written several years ago by a Beacon in the UK.  The lyrics are pictured.  If you wish to hear the song, click here.
Touching the Ancient Trees — what it feels like
Today I ended up at The Elfin Forest, a Grove of old growth trees (over 200 yrs old) in Los Osos, California.  I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, so I touched each tree I could, honored it, and prayed to the Grandmothers to help the Net of Light connect to them.  I asked the trees to awaken and join the Net, and reconnect to the other trees in the Net.  I can’t even describe how they reacted to my touch … My hands are still vibrating where I touched them.  I invited each one to join the web and reach out for the other trees and beings in the world.
I hope I’m doing it right, but I figure since the Grandmothers want it done, they can work around my limitations …
The old oak trees in the Elfin Forest have root systems that go laterally across the earth, and although they don’t go deep, the roots of the trees are intertwined for miles.
We then went to the Los Osos State Oak Reserve where there is a stand of 800 year-old giant oak trees.  I touched as many as I could and prayed for the Grandmothers to connect them to the Net of Light.  I felt the vibration of their power in my hands when I touched them.
I decided to make reservations for the Big Sur lodge for the next weekend to cast the Net for the old growth trees at Julia Pfeiffer State Park.  My husband and I will be there Saturday and Sunday doing what we can to reach out to them and help connect them to the Net.
Thank you so much for making me aware of the trees.  I had no idea about them at all.
 Above:  Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, NC approx. 1,400 years old
Singing to the Waters
the ancient way of the Algonquin
We found this youtube of an ancient ritual passed down from generation to generation among the Algonquin Native Americans.  It is more timely now for us to hear and practice as we strengthen our connection with our Mother Earth and all the nature spirits.
The elders speak:
We invite women everywhere to sing this Algonquin Water Song.
Granddaughter, the water can hear you, the water has memory …
Water is the life blood of our Mother the earth
Water is the life blood of our own body
To continue to pass on the knowledge 
that needs to be given unto the other generations.  
To make the change in this life condition that we’re in, 
that great grandchildren will stand up to this TRUTH
 about what life is about 
and to live it in such an honorable way,  
the way the ancestors came to this earth.
Each day when the sun rises, 
no matter how bad the day before might have been
there is a new chance for your hopes and dreams
and I say …

January 10, 2020 Save the Date for working with the Trees on January 25th!

January 10, 2020 Save the Date for working with the Trees on January 25th!

Save the Date for working with the Trees on January 25th! 

Dear all,
In the latest newsflash the Grandmothers asked us to work with nature spirits, starting with working with the trees and of course we answer that call! 
It resonates with many of us. The responses to this latest newsflash are overwhelming and we love that!
This is what the Grandmothers say:
“It’s time to get to know the spirits of nature and connect with the elemental kingdom.  To save your planet from destruction and return it to balance, this link must be made,” the Grandmothers said, “and you are here to do it!  The trees are where you will begin. Trees connect through the mycelium network in their roots, a freeway of communication.  The Mother Trees of the old growth forests are masters at this,” they said, “and though only a few of them are left, from these few, others can learn.  The great network of tree communication that once existed all over the Earth can be re-activated.
“The Net of Light is even more powerful than you think it is.  Its reach is enormous and, when you work, you will be able to link it to the mycelium network of the plant kingdom.  The actual work of communication will be done by the trees,” the Grandmothers said, “but human beings are needed to connect the trees to the Net of Light. 
Each time you work with the Net of Light, think of the ancient trees, the great Mother Trees.  Then, in ceremony, meditation, song, or however you do it, cast the Net of Light to these archetypal trees and ask them to anchor light once again.  Ask them to send a radiant broadcast throughout their roots to bless everything that lives.   Remember,” the Grandmothers said, “the template for this work is still set into the Earth, so what we are asking of you is do-able.  Please take our request seriously,” they said.  “Get to work now and more information will follow.”
This is what we will do together:
The first step — we will work with nature spirits (starting with trees) at all Gatherings in 2020, starting with the one at Laguna Woods on January 25th.
Everyone is invited to tune in on that date and work with the trees in your own area, by yourself or together with your local Grandmother’s groups and others who want to participate.  This way we will enhance the effect of what we are doing  immensely.  When we work with the Net of Light, there is no limit of time or space so you can do this work at any time.  AND … to amplify the power of the Net of Light, think of linking with all these dear women and men around the world who are working with us.  People all over the world will be joining us: New York, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Michigan, Lithuania, Ohio, California, Canada, Norway, France, Spain, Sweden, India, Belgium, Hawaii ……. 
So for Europe please tune in on January 25th at 2 pm CET and in the US at 10 am Pacific Time , Australia 10 am Australian Eastern time. 
Here are some optional guidelines and suggestions:
  1. Go outside and meet at a place with trees or a specific old tree.  If you wish, you can sing the Net of Light song or Humbly walking up to the trees.  You’ll find the song Humbly here and Net of Light songs here.
  2. Thank the trees for being there, for providing us humans with oxygen, for connecting with each other and caring for Mother Earth.
  3. Tell them we know they are capable beyond our understanding of restoring nature and nurturing Mother Earth back to health.   Tell them we are here to help by casting the Net of Light to them, to their root system so they can connect with each other, thus mending the gaps in their field of Light that connects them all.
  4. Speak or sing the Ho’oponopono to them.
  5. Meditate with the Net of Light, connect from your heart with the Net and then cast the Net to the trees, helping them to connect with each other through their root-system.
  6. Do a ceremony with song, prayer, water to honor the trees. 
  7. For inspiration take a look at this video How trees talk to each other  and there are many more out there. And check lists of old trees in your area on the monumental trees website
And please let us know what happened while doing this!  We love to hear from you all.  You can either send us an email or put a comment on Facebook or share in your whatsapp groups.  


With gratitude,
The Net of Light team.
To learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org