Regional Coordinator resource page

  • Responsible for specific geographic area (map?)
  • Provides guidance and support for all Beacons holding meetings, passing on the Empowerment, and holding the Net of Light work in the area
  • Develops a personal two way relationship with each beacon via phone, email and attending zoom meetings.
  • Welcomes in, answers questions, passes on Empowerments and develops new Beacons in the area.
  • Forms a team and organizes a live Beacon gathering once a year.
  • Can also organize periodic zoom meetings to facilitate sharing and community among the Beacons
  • Tracking and reporting once or twice yearly the status of the Beacons in the area to the RC support coördinator of their greater area
  • Sharing the role of regional coordinator with another grandmother (co-RC) is higly recommended, for mutual support and for bringing different skills into the mix. When sharing the role, regular communication between the two is crucial. And all communications should be discussed together and be signed and sent by both using a shared email address.



Beacon-Hostess: Holds regular group meetings (Zoom or live), where casting the Net of Light is always a part, also passes on Empowerments and generally lives the message of the Grandmothers. Beacons will have read all of Sharon McErlane’s books, and cast the Net of Light daily. –> See BRP

Empowerment-Only Beacon: Provides Empowerments when asked, and available to share and answer questions about the Grandmothers’ messages and the work.

Beacon-of-One: A committed Beacon doing all the work, even holding regular meetings alone.