Joshua Tree -2018 – CA

Joshua Tree -2018 – CA

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Net of Light Gathering at Joshua Tree Retreat Center :  April 19-22nd, 2018

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“Today we will fill you with light. More light than you have ever known. Little by little we will increase your capacity to receive, hold, and give light and love to others.  You are growing in power and, if you wish, you will continue to grow.  This is happening because you are needed to hold light steady.

Soon there be no more stuck, static energy left on Earth.  No more of the same battles and struggles, fears and hatreds.  We have come to infuse the energy of Yin back into your planet, to return Yin to balance with the energy of Yang.  “And you, are the vessels for our work. You are our hands, eyes, and hearts on Earth, our partners in light.”


Come join the Grandmothers and hold the Net of Light.  Together we will celebrate the power of Yin and increase our capacity to receive and give light and love through dance, ceremony and song.


We will focus upon the Net of Light to help amplify its healing effects throughout the world. This energy will be transmitted from one of the great power places on Earth using ceremony, ancestor work, movement, and meditation.

Information About The Gathering:

The Gathering will be held for 4 days, starting Thursday, April 19th and ending Sunday, April 22nd. It will be held at The Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, California.  It will flow at a leisurely pace, with ample breaks and time for personal exploring. We will take a half-day-trip to the nearby Joshua Tree National Park during the Gathering to do ceremony.

  • Thursday, April 19: Registration begins at 1 pm outside the Sanctuary. Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 4pm to 9pm (with meals/breaks).
  • Friday, April 20: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary, and at Joshua Tree National Park, from 9am – 9pm (with several breaks and meals).
  • Saturday, April 21: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 9am – 9pm (with several breaks and meals).
  • Sunday, April 22: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 9am – Noon; Lunch will be served afterwards.
  • Meals and snacks, from Dinner on April 19th through Lunch on April 22nd, are included in the registration fee.

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