The Empowerment video

Some thoughts on how to pass on an Empowerment over the phone :

From  a Beacon in Australia:

“When doing distance or phone Empowerments we invite the recipient to visualise or feel the presence of the Grandmothers and to physically feel their embrace while they are covering their head with the caul. Since a voice is already whispering in their ear by phone we ask them to imagine that this is the voice of a Grandmother. Employ all the senses and feelings of love and support and enjoy. As Laura says we are in touch through the Net of Light. We are one in the Net of Light. “

From a Beacon in the United States:

When scheduling a date and time, I ask them to have a scarf ready. I like to also have a scarf, that I place my hands on, although this is not necessary. First I talk a bit with them, finding out more about the person and their connections with the Grandmothers, and also review the story of Sharon’s Empowerment by the Grandmothers. (Or what feels comfortable to you.)
Have the woman cover her head, or the man cover his shoulders, with the scarf. If there is another person present, they can cover the person, although I have never had a second person present.
Then proceed as you normally would. Afterwards, I suggest they sit in quiet for a bit of time.  “