Ancestral declaration

Ancestral Declaration, by the Great Council of the Grandmothers

“I call upon the Net of Light and affirm my union with the Divine.  I honor my loving connection with those living today, those who lived in other times, and those yet to be born.  Love is not limited by the calendar or by the clock.  Each of us is an eternal being, part of the One Love.  Recalling this truth now, I bow my head in gratitude, saluting the Love within my higher consciousness and within the higher consciousness of everyone else.  I invite the Ancestors of my family line and the Ancestors of the land where I live to join me in this blessing work.  I welcome all who love and serve the light to connect now within the Net of Light.

As we gather together, I ask forgiveness for my past ignorance and small mindedness; I no longer wish to judge and criticize others; nor do I wish to judge and criticize myself.  I also gladly forgive anyone who ever judged or criticized me.  I am able to do this with ease each time I remember that it is the breath of the One Love that breathes through me, and the beat of the One Heart that pumps life through me. My immortal self exists outside the limitations of action and beyond the circumstances of time and place.  So as I turn to this presence within me, all pain from the past as well as any fear of the future falls away.  All is forgiven.

With my heart open wide, I offer blessings to all beings everywhere.  And as we joyously embrace one another, together we sing:

May everyone in all the worlds be happy.

May everyone in all the worlds be happy.

May everyone in all the worlds be happy.”