2016 November 14th – After the U. S. election 2016

2016 November 14th – After the U. S. election 2016
“After the election in America I asked the Grandmothers, “Now that it’s over, what can we learn?”

“First,” they replied, “let us explain some things. You have elected, not a man, but a ‘moy’ to lead you. He is a boy in an old man’s body. Moys are a combination of man and boy, but mostly boy. They are large and have loud voices so people mistake them for men, but they are not men. A man thinks of the common good while a moy has not learned to think

of anyone but himself. He has not fully developed and is still a child.”
“The time you are living in is called the age of destruction,” they said, “the Kali Yuga. It is the lowest point. At this time evil rises to the surface to be destroyed. This dark-age takes place just before the arrival of the in-coming Golden Age, so today you are watching out-of-balance Yang energy creating destruction all over your planet. This IS the Kali Yuga. You have heard and read about it and now it has come.”
“Your country has just elected a moy to be its next president. Russia as well as Syria are already run by moys, while Africa is overrun by them, each moy creating havoc in his area of that continent. The Philippines is run by a moy and so are several other countries. Is it any wonder that the world is lurching from crisis to crisis?”
“This is what is happening on earth now and because it is, you must learn to cope with this energy. You cannot reason with it because it is entirely destructive. Instead you must hold steady within yourself and observe its wild behavior from a position of power. If you do this, it will not be able to feed on you. Your steadiness will help contain its rapacious energy and it will not be able to do as much damage as it would otherwise.
Call on us, call on the Net of Light and hold Sacred Space. Be mindful of who you are! You are a great being, here on earth to occupy a steady place in an unsteady world. You can do this! You are not weak and helpless. Within yourself you carry the great holding power of Yin. Call on it now. Live with it. Be as you were born to be.”
“We ask one more thing of you. At this time reach out to one another in service. Many are suffering now. Feed the hungry, visit people in hospitals and prisons, provide shoes to those who need them, help the animals. If each of you plunge into one activity of service, together you will do great good, turning many hearts to light. Find a service project for yourself. We ask this of you because we know who you are. You are our hands and hearts on earth. You are greatness itself.”
November 12, 2016, The Great Council of the Grandmothers
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2016-november-03 These are not “Good” times. These are “Great” times, Godly times.

2016-november-03 These are not “Good” times. These are “Great” times, Godly times.

“This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net.

Take your glorious place.”

These are not “Good” times. These are “Great” times, Godly times.—the Grandmothers
“We are watching you as you struggle to find safe harbor in the world around you as storms and disappointments rage everywhere. Nations are quaking now, the land under your feet is quaking, hallowed institutions are falling and it’s difficult to find steady ground. We understand what it’s like for you at this time and so we have come to uphold you.
“What is taking place in your world is not a terrible mistake. The present upheaval in society must occur. And no good will come from blaming others for the ills you see around you–for which of you is blameless?
“What you are witnessing isThe Great Shift that was foretold long, long ago. It is here now and you have a part to play in it. Whenever you link with us or with any form of the Divine you love, you are able to hold steady, even while everything about you is collapsing. At this point in time it is impossible to find stability in the outer world, so don’t waste your time looking for it.
“Do not respond to this world-wide upheaval by falling into despair and hiding yourself away, but instead gather with those who, like you, are also seeking the highest good. Call on us, hold to the Net of Light, and come together to study our books and messages. You will find what you need.
“You are supposed to be here on earth. You took birth at this time in history because you wanted to be part of this great change. So quiet your heart now as you turn within to the presence that has never left you and never will. Hold to this inner place of silence and from here we will guide you.”
 —Nov.-1-2016– the Great Council of the Grandmothers
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Letter from  Dutch grandmothers


Our Dutch Net of Light Team was invited to a beautiful retreat center in Germany. We met wonderful people there, living a simple and conscious life, very gentle people who welcomed us warmly as ‘the Grandmothers’. They asked if we would be willing to tell them about the Grandmothers and of course we said Yes!
So we decided to do a mini-workshop: Babs would explain the Grandmothers, Marie-José would lead a meditation on the Net of Light, Carla would lead the Empowerment ceremony and Annemarie would let them draw a card with a quote from the books. Jenneken had brought with her a net and a globe to represent the Net of Light covering the earth.
Much to our surprise 15 people showed up! And they were all interested and took the ‘event’ in, very open and seriously. They loved the meditation, almost everyone wanted the Empowerment, and some men wanted to receive the Cloak of Comfort. I had the honor to give the cloak to a young guy who at first was a bit hesitant about this Grandmothers-stuff. But he took everything in with such an open heart and I could see the purity in his eyes. He embraced me strongly afterwards and he was so grateful for having received this. Later that evening he studied the card with his quote and told a friend about it. That friend did not understand what exactly happened, but he saw the excitement of the young man and said: “So I get that for you the Grandmothers are for keeps?”
“Yes, sure!” the young man said, smiling, “they are fantastic!!!”
This was an extraordinary evening! We were all moved by
 how the Grandmothers made this possible for us! And I must say I felt proud to be called ‘a Grandmother’ by the people there. They said they felt our strength and warmth. Isn’t this amazing?!
And the next day we worked on preparing for the Net of Light Gathering in 2017 in Holland.
Love, Annemarie
Net of Light Gathering
Joshua Tree National Park,
March 2-5, 2017
“We are calling you to a great reconciliation. An Ancestral, racial and cultural healing to free the past, present and future. You have suffered long enough from separation. Link once again with Mother Earth and one another as you move into the One Love.” –the Great Council of the Grandmothers
  • Join the earth to the the Net of Light.
  • Connect with the ancestors of the light
  • Harmonize relationships to mend the pain of individuals, cultures, races, and nations.
  • Link all sacred places on earth to one another and lift the energy of our beloved earth.
If you feel called to be part of this service to yourself, your family, your country, and the family of life, please come.
For more information and to register for this Gathering, go to: https://www.netoflight.org
Book Quote

 Your healing affects all beings 

Everything is present in this moment. The ancestors are here with you now and they are here with you always. All these so-called time periods are connected in the Net of Light. Your ancestors stand and have always stood behind and beside you, ready to assist you at every moment. They are eager to support you. Your previous selves also stand with and for you, and whenever healing takes place for
the present day you, it takes place for them too. It also takes place for those who will follow you down the family line. Your healing affects all beings. You cannot help yourself without helping everyone. Whenever you love, forgive and let yourself be loved,
you help everyone.
Ch.12, p. 159, Casting the 
Net by Sharon McErlane

Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak